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Sub Clubs

The CLUB House and the Villas have all the needed infrastructure and specialists for health, wellness, beauty, and fitness. However,if it comes to fun this is achieved through our three Sub-Clubs which are free of charge for our members.


Aviation Club

Our aviation club consists of two jets and one helicopter. The aim of this sub-club is to have for our members always the best flying experience. The machines are carefully picked to complement each other. They all have the latest technology and security packages and are the leaders of their classes if it comes to economic and ecologic aspects.


The Pilatus PC-24 is simply unique. It is the only aircraft combining the versatility of a turboprop with the cabin size of a medium-light jet, and the performance of a light jet. It’s a plane that simply doesn’t fit into any of the existing business jet categories. The PC-24 has been engineered to be “off-road” compatible from the beginning. Its outstanding short-field performance – even on unpaved runways – opens an incredible level of mobility. That means you can fly closer to your final destination than with any other business jet. You will be able to use smaller airports and avoid massive administrative procedures and reduce ground transfer time to an absolute minimum.The PC 24 is single pilot certified and has a range of up to 3’900 km (with full load/full speed 2’650 km), min. take-off distance of 893 m. and a max. cruising speed of 815 km/h. Its flexible interior and cargo door make loading fast and easy. You can even take your motorbike with you. The PC-24 is designed to operate from short, paved and even unpaved surfaces, giving pilots access to almost 20,000 additional airports worldwide. That’s why the PC-24 is a Super Versatile Jet: more runways, more space, more possibilities.


The world’s greatest single turboprop, the brand-new Pilatus PC-12 NGXbuilds on the rock-solid, 1’700 aircraft foundation of its market-defining predecessor. In over seven million flight hours, the PC-12 has proven itself as the most versatile and valued business aircraft in the world. It’s an original that is impossible to copy. The PC-12 NGX takes this legacy to the next level of refinement, efficiency, and technological advancement. Fly at the head of the pack with the new PC-12 NGX. The PC 12 is single pilot certified and has a range of up to 3’500 km (with full load/full speed 1’500 km),min. take-off distance of 758 m. and a max. cruising speed of 537 km/h. 


The Leonardo AW109 is the fastest helicopter in its class, characterized by unrivalled elegance in its interior finish and a stylish shape. Developed with advanced technology and a high level of safety to perform operations in all weather conditions, it is the benchmark for private and executive helicopters.It is themodern top-of-the-range light helicopter with Rolls Royce-twin-engine and offers outstanding performance, speed (max. 289 km/h), payload and excellent operational flexibility (full load max. range is 860 km).


Yacht Club

This Sub-Club with yachts, boats and Jet-Skis offers all what you need to be happy on the water or staying in a port.

The luxury highlight is our Princess S78. This captivating Princess Yacht has been designed to the highest specification with socialising, dining and relaxation at the forefront of its design. With its unique central access from the hydraulic bathing platform and cleverly designed modular seating, from the moment you step aboard she impresses. Inside, its cavernous main deck saloon uses dynamic lines and convivial seating, to seamlessly connect to the world outside through full-length side windows.


On the sportbridge, a large free-standing seating area with table, wetbar and a lava brick barbecue, allows you the space to entertain family and friends.Below deck eight guests enjoy four exquisitely appointed en-suite cabins. The Princess S78 also offers a further twin cabin for the crew. The range of up to 1000 sea miles and the top speed of 40 knots (74 km/h) makes her remarkably flexible and her twin MAN V12 engines (3800 hp) run extremely smooth.The 4.45-meter powerful tender in the aft garage can also be used for watersports besides all the other toys.


For speed enthusiasts we have the ultimateboat, our Cigarette 41 SD Performance.

Twin Mercury Racing 1100 QC4v in boards provide with their 2200 hp exhilarating performance and a top speed of 90 knots (167 km/h). The twin-step, deep vee hull efficiently and smoothly runs the water, while lightweight, composite structure and framework, refine balance. The layout is extremely versatile for entertaining, with inviting forward seat lounges, U-shaped seating, rear sun lounge, and a rear conversational area. The cabin with two passengers sleeping berth and head are spacious, with over 6' headroom. It also has a swim platform and an additional side entry with ladder.

For wake-surfing, wake-boarding or water-skiing you can best take our MasterCraft X26with an Ilmor 7.2 l. engine with 430 hp. It offers all you can wish for a water sport and fun day.Its computerized Gen2 surf system with touch screen and enormous ballast tanks is simply great. Drivers love it because it is so simple: one-button control of all the variables (ballast, speed, and shaping device angles). Surfers love it because each wave is tuned for them, —from beginner to advanced. The 29 feet X26 with swim platform can take 12 folks and has very flexible seating possibilities and a powerful “Klipsch”  Sounds ystem.


Based on the wishes of our members, we will later buy a sailing (performance) catamaran or a sailing yacht. However, it could also be a submarine.


Car & Bike Club

Our Car & Bike Club with luxury SUVs, limousines, cabriolets, sport cars,off-roaders, side by sides, quads and motorbikes offers all what you need to be happy on wheels.

The outstanding characteristic feature of this Sub-Club is an homage to the last decade of the 12-cylinder engine and the most sophisticated battery driven vehicles.


We have at least one car representing the greatest V12/W12 manufacturers of that time with Aston Martin, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Mercedes and Rolls Royce. Besides their unmatched running smoothness, they all have a unique sound and between 500 and 1000 hp. Most cars are full of luxury, security, and performance equipment.

If it comes to the car models, we focused on the possibility that you can take members of your family or friends with you. All on-and off-road cars have at least four seats and a useful trunk, the rest has two seats. Furthermore, we have some luxury limousines for special moments: A wonderful Rolls Royce, Mercedes-Maybach or BMW for a spectacular trip or a marriage in your family; two luxury cabriolets from Bentley and Mercedes-AMG for sunny power rides with wind in your hair enjoying the exquisite Tivat region;sport cars from Ferrari, Aston Martin, Bentleyand Mercedes-AMG for thrilling rides on the coast and moun­tain roads.

For 4x4 off-road adventures you can takea Jeep Rubicon cabriolet, a Land Rover Defender 110, a Ford Bronco, quads or side by sides. They are all fit for extreme terrain and endless fun. With their heavy-duty tires, reduction gear boxes and diff-locks you will manage all hurdles.


Additionally, the CLUB also has luxury vans from Mercedes that can take seven people and a lot of luggage and sport equipment.


Our motorbikes from BMW are all fully equipped with the latest technologies and cover a wide range ofpossible uses.For sport touring the S 1000 XR (226 kg/179 hp) for a grand tour the K 1600 GT with its six cylinders and for enduro cross country feeling or wherever you want to go the R 1250 GS Adventure with an unique two cylinder boxer. All bikes have adjustable multi-ABS, traction control, adjustable suspension systems at your fingertips.


Furthermore, there are different Motocross and e-motorbikes available.


Agricultural Eco Farm

The CLUB integrates a unique CLUB House and extraordinary CLUB Villas in a tropical garden which is surrounded by a natural reserve and completed with herbs and flower gardens. But this is not all. The CLUB also owns an Agricultural Organic Farm in near St.Marco island.


The agricultural organic farm is an integral part of the ecological concept of the CLUB to provide healthy and high-quality food. Additionally, it gives self-sufficiency at any time, even during a crisis. The perfectly kept animals are the main attraction for children besides the possibility to have a countryside horseback ride.


The following animals are kept on the farm:


Honey Farm (bees):


Horses: 4 (2 Losino, 2 Andalusian)


Milk-cows, later “old beef”

Galician Blond Beef (Rubia Gallega)


Egyptian Fayoumi (chicken): 450


French Toulouse (geese):


Black Spanish (Turkey):


The following vegetables and salads are grown on the farm:

Broccoli, colliflower, carrots, potatoes, pees, zucchini, pepperoni, pumpkin, tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, green salads, olives,avocados,


The following fruits and nuts are grown on the farm:

Lemons, oranges, grapefruits, kiwis, melons, berries, mangos, figs, almonds

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