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Membership Terms

The  concept is to reach almost free of charge living based on the long term basis and get unbelievable standards of luxury. How do we do that?


1.    We focus only on like-minded persons who share our concept. We do not need random people with money. The project is not for everybody. That’s why we raise the level of esthetics, architecture, interiors, service, business activity and entertainment philosophy on completely new level to let our members to be special. We are heading where no one else has been before.


2.    We promote philosophy of business and philanthropy. To make it done when almost 1 Million of membership fee is over as annual payment one day, we set up an Investment Foundation with a minimum entry investment as 5 Million € per a family. That gives us a chance of accumulation at least 100 Millions € of investment funds to invest in the Club projects.


All members are shareholders of that Foundation and get dividends covering their Membership fee in full or partially, giving them totally free of charge or close to that living of the highest possible standards.


All basic projects of THE CLUB investment foundation is similar real estate projects related to very limited clientele. The projects of similar level of extremely high class give at least 35-40% of margin. This profit covers the annual membership and brings dividends to be distributed or re-invested. All solid investments are being secured through special affiliated institutions to give no risk for investment (to be specified later).


3.    This closed society of like-minded people would attract many optional ideas for business, business elite meetings to open wider doors for the Investment Foundation and therefore to make it solid and more valuable for the larger scale.


4.    Once, one of the focuses is this Investment Foundation, it would give us a chance to have our own THE Club Bank where even negative bank rate and interest are kept inside of the bank, belonging only to our members and being created only for that group of people. It would mean that their saving capitals are not in a risk of negative banking rates and are under full control. The bank could be a major creditor for THE CLUB Investment Foundation.


5.    Charity Foundation is a social and necessary part of the Club activity as with no sharing with the others, with no charity, the law of money making does not work.    


6.    Part of investment in real gold are fully secured with the Alps vaults beyond the banking system through our special and affiliated contacts.    

049 CIGAR ROOM fin.jpg
Member Profile

• Our future member is typically a remarkably successful high-end businessman and between 40 to 60 years old (or coming from a very wealthy family).

• He is in  business sector or field of activity well known and has a good network that might be limited to his surroundings or country of residence.

• He studied at the University or an equivalent institution.

• He is at least listed in one of the world or country rich lists of Forbes, Bloomberg, Times, Bilanz etc. • He likes and/or needs luxury or he is active in the luxury industry.

• He has a philanthropic side, culture and/or history are important for him.

• His political orientation is from neutral to right wing and he typically has a positive attitude towards aristocracy or nobility. Maybe, he or his wife are a knight or a member of such a structure or active in a church or a social institution.

• His ancestry and/or his future family are important to him.

• He is an active person himself or his family is it.

• He likes sports or his family does. • He loves at least one of our sub-clubs and together with his family at least two.

• His main residence(s) is/are above 1000 m2 with at least 5000 m2 land.

• He owns at least a big business jet and/or a super yacht. Due to that, fixed costs are in the multi millions.

• If in a hotel, he would take the big suites. He travels first class.

• He is used to butler service or equivalent. He has own private personal (maid, nanny, cook, gardener, chauffeur, pilot, captain, security etc.) • He likes excellent food and/or wines.

• He likes social contacts on his level.

• He takes care of his health and/or of the health of his family.

• He is an investor and always searching for good business opportunities.

• He sees the CLUB infrastructure as particularly useful for seminars and further education of his board members or C-level managers of his companies or even for his own family. • He likes high-tech, ecological or organic projects or even all together.

• He is a typical client of Alexander Anisimov investing in a private mansion interior design/decoration one to 50 million Euros.

• He is a typical client of Prince George Yourievsky, buying paintings, art collections or real estate between 5 and 150 million Euros

172_110 гостиная 1-2 fin_fin.jpg
Butler Concept

The CLUB has a special butler concept. This concept is based ontwo important pillars “Excellence & Constant Education” and is only suitable for fit and non-smoking employees.


The butlers of the Aristocratic and Business CLUB have five areas of service:


  • The CLUB House, here is the integration into the hotel and restaurant team the challenge for the butler and he mainly needs good team skills.

  • The CLUB Villas, here are the management skills more important besides team leading functions.

  • The Beach & Sport Club, here is flexibility and passion for sport crucial.

  • The Agricultural Organic Farm, here the pick-nick and barbeque skills are important.

  • The CLUB Sub-Clubs (Aviation-, Yacht& Boat-, Car& Bike-Club), the specific know-how and the following of the orders of the man in charge (e.g., Captain) are crucial.




We want to have the best butlers. To achieve this, we already start with a rigorous selection system as describe in the Educational and Employee Concept. All future butlersof the CLUB must speak fluently at least English and two other languages. Besides their original professional certificate/diploma/degree, they must pass TIBA, The International Butler Academy, successfully. Furthermore, each butler must have a second specialisation. He can choose from the following options:

Sommelier, bar man, grill & barbecue chef, bodyguard, flight attendant, yacht master, sport instructor (tennis, golf, riding, diving, biking, car racing, hunting, shooting, martial arts, water sports (sailing, surfing, wake surfing, wake boarding, skiing), fitness etc.)

The willingness to be constantly trained must be given like with any other employee.


Constant Education


Our employment contracts for butlers state that 10% of the agreed working time is reserved for constant further education. We work together with the best institutions and trainers and the aim is to strengthen our butlerssoft and hard skills. Furthermore, we want them to get at least a certificate/diploma/degree etc. higher than what they already have and additional a second one in the above-mentioned specialisations.Our educational partner, TIBA The International Butler Academy, will assist us in achieving this goal. Furthermore, organisations in Montenegro and our partners will help with the different educational sport programs.

Membership Package

All following points are free of charge for the CLUB Villa members. The quantity of the qualified persons depends on the villa type :


  1. Members have free access to the CLU Bincluding food and drinks (alcoholic drinks will be charged) and can take part in all activities (e.g., balls, meetings and events etc.);

  2. may use their reserved superior suit in the Club House at any time (180 days/year);

  3. have free access to our Beach & Sport Club (B&S) , open air cinema, dancing/night club, bar, restaurant, including food and drinks (alcoholic drinks will be charged) and can take part in all activities like parties, meetings, events and can use all sport facilities (swimming, tennis, paddle tennis, table tennis, badminton, squash, boggia, bowling, beach volleyball, basketball, minigolf, outdoor gym, billiard, jet skis, surf boards, water sport equipment, garden chess, etc.);

  4. may use their reserved two-bedroom suit in the B&S at any time (180 days/year);

  5. can freely useduring visits entire infrastructure of the CLUB including our Sub-Clubs (Car & Bike-, Flight- and Yacht-Club) on the Adriatic sea and islands;

  6. may freely use CLUB Services when travelling with Sub-Clubsand for their own CLUB Villa orevents (incl. at least one butler, cook, maid, nanny and gardener per villa);

  7. have free transports from/to the CLUB to/from any place of Montenegro (with limousine, jet, helicopter, aeroplane, train oryacht);can join our by-weekly or monthly flight with our Pilatus PC-24 Jet to Zurich; have yearly twenty hours free flights with our Pilatus PC 24 Jet from/to the CLUB;

  8. may use the CLUB Family Office and invest in the CLUB Investment or Charity Funds;

  9. have a free private “Castle of Mainau package” during their island visit, and a yearly free event on the Island with our own CLUB-Van and -Boat with butler etc.;

  10. get yearly “Birthday Package” with CLUB branded limited gifts from LVMH group(Louis Vuitton, Moét, Hennessy) and from the 12 “Leading Wine Families”;

  11. have free access to exclusive organisations and clubs in a range of max. one hour driving from the CLUB (e.g., dancing, sailing/yachting, Ascari Racing Club (member), fishing, hunting, diving, polo etc.);

  12. may book CLUB rooms/suitesor B&S room/suites for family and friends if available;

  13. have a reserved free vault at Swiss Fort Knox Saanen/Gstaad and can use the infrastructure there during corresponding activities;

  14. receive on request a European (e.g., Maltese) residency or passport;

  15. are members of the CLUB Charitable Foundation with at least EURO 8 million dowment fund (e.g.,supports the Count “Lennart Bernadotte Foundation”);

  16. includes free highest membership level at: e.g. “A Small World”, Leading Hotels of the World, renta car companies, business clubs, airport lounges etc.;

  17. includes free access to world leading museums (e.g. Hermitage, Louvre,Peterhof, Tsarskoje Selo, Musée d’Orsay, Vatican, Prado, Reina Sofia, British Museum, MoMA, Tate, National Gallery (UK & USA), Metropolitan, Rijksmuseum, Guggenheim etc.);

  18.  may take part (internal cost will be invoiced) in the exclusive yearly one-week CLUB journey (2023 Switzerland, following years Russia, England, Spain, France, Italy etc.).

100 Bedroom 9 AUDREY HEPBURN_fin.jpg
CLUB Room & Suites Concept

The CLUB has a Hotel Room & Suites Concept that complies with many different needs of our exclusive CLUB members.


The CLUB House has 9 newly builtsuites with 100 m2 each. Each suite consists of a living room (40 m2 that can be easily transformed in a conference room) with wardrobe and separate small bathrooms for women (toilet/shower) and men (toilet/pissoir), a superior bedroom (26m2) with bathroom and a deluxe bedroom (34m2) with deluxe bathroom.


Sometimes you do not want to have guests or even family members in your own villa or you just want to have additional space or capacity for people.Another good reason is to separate private guests from business guests.Due to this each villa has the lease (25-year) of a superior suite already included in the sales price.


Villa owners can upgrade or lease additional rooms or entire suites in the CLUB House. The price depends on their one or two Generation-Membership (25 or 50 years).


*Full pension means that the guests have breakfast, lunch and dinner included (without alcoholic drinks) and can use the infrastructure of the CLUB for free. The Sub-Clubs are for free if they are used together with the member.

CLUB Charity Fund Concept

The CLUB has an own charity organisation.


Its endowment fund has a minimal endowment capital of eight million Euro.

The CLUB pays each year one percent of its revenue into the fund and the partners 10% of their profits. Furthermore, regular fund-raising activities/events are planned.


At least one in the CLUB and a second one on the Island of Mainau. The charity activities are split into five different sectors which are supported on a regular and sustainable basis.


1. Humanitarian The humanitarian help concentrates on people in need with a focus on impoverished aristocrats with nationalities of our members or living in their countries. A second focus are women and children in need in the communities around the CLUB and Montenegro region.


2. Cultural The cultural help supports institutions which take care of culture in a wide sense. This can be in a historic or contemporary field. Furthermore, musicians and artist are supported directly and given the possibility to perform in the CLUB.


3. Educational & Religious Institutions Educational and religious institutions are very often lacking funds even if they are supporting wonderful and urgently needed activities. Here we want to help directly. 


4. Environmental & Animal Wildlife Protection The modern world destroys our unique habitat in many ways. The CLUB has an ecological concept and with its members and staff a lot of know-how in different fields. This together with our funds available will help saving our nature. The focus will be on the region around the CLUB and Montenegro.


5. Lennart-Bernadotte-Stiftung We support the Count Lennart Bernadotte Foundation. Among other activities the foundation takes care of the “Nobel Prize Winner’s Annual Meeting in Lindau”, the “German Garden Building Society”, the “European Culture Forum Mainau” and the “Gardening for All Society”.

Membership Fees


Basic calculation for the Membership fee:  standard 700,000 € + Property Price x 20% Membership annual fee varies based on the property size. How it works and what value the members get.

A)     The membership fee covers the maintenance of THE CLUB village (THE CLUB and individual member villas). This covers service of private butlers, maids, gardeners, cookers, security guards, daily villa maintenance (cleaning, repairing, in house floristics, all included restaurant service - full board, excluding alcohol, sub-clubs service. 106 people of staff for 21 villas only.

B)     Membership Annual package (Birthday package and Entry Membership package) valued of 150,000 Euro/year.

C)     THE CLUB Luxury rooms and suites in our boutique hotel. The guests of the members may live right inside the Club and get  full infrastructure and free of charge breakfast, lunch and dinner(excluding alcohol), 120 days annually per a family.


D) Unlimited and free of extra charge visits to THE CLUB facility (SPA, restaurant, bar, cigar and billiard room, music salons and theater).


E)     Investment Foundation shares.


F)    THE CLUB Private Bank shares (in future).

Our targeted members are wealthy people of over 60-65. The level of living, security and standards are designed to provide the best last stage living. The old age is always hard, it does not matter how wealthy you are and the older we get the less and less attention we have from our relatives, children or friends. But the old age must be interesting, welcome oriented and as much healthy as possible. In reality, the Club project gives a unique chance to buy this last stage of the old age where each day they live among the members family to bring happiness and care. 

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