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One of the most important criteria of Collectable Property is transforming it into an art object, making it unique and unmatched in the global market. This is achieved in several ways: bringing indisputable items of art into the interiors and external decor. Some of them are movable items, while the other part are non-movable items forming part of the architecture of the building or the architecture of the interior.

Using such materials and the skill of the craft artists, it is entirely possible to design such works of art, that are able to change the exterior and interior appearance of the properties and make them truly one of a kind in the world.

This means we can get a collectable level of properties at completely affordable prices. And they, in turn, guarantee us the highest possible profit with the proper optimization of any investment project.

Our Collection

We have selected a number of art objects that are used in the villas we have designed. All of them are made according to the drawings of famous artists and are made in different technologies: from marquetry with precious woods to hand embroidery.

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