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We are a member of Luxury World, a unique internet portal for luxury home decoration. This is our source for all of our projects to supply the most beautiful things for fine interiors directly from the niche manufacturers from Asia. This extraordinary access to the only bespoke models at affordable prices allows us to keep the margin of profit aside from the real estate industry and make all the investment projects highly profitable and interesting for the investors. 

Luxury World is a special program under patronage of Goverment of China to promote the best skills of artizans from the selected factories and unique industries and discover it to the world. Only luxury manufacturers from a niche market were selected and invited to be on the platform. Their activity is under goverment control. 

Investment Club is a financial partner for the project. We owe some factories, joint venture or cooperate with other vendors we know and trust for years. Most of the suppliers are not in the open market as serve custom projects for the local elite.

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