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Are there any niches in Marbella to do business and earn money?

This is the question almost everyone asks when they are looking to move to the Costa del Sol or have plans to do so in the future. Is there any chance for you to earn outside of your main activity?

If you are not going to work for anybody, but want to continue your career as a private entrepreneur and, therefore, as the investor our company is specifically for those people.


What is unique about it? The ideas themselves, the ones not on the market, the cost of implementation, the reality of execution, and the profitability, which are much higher than the standards in this industry.

How is all the money in the world made? There are only two ways: money makes money or unconventional ideas make money. We do the latter as we help entrepreneurs and investors at all levels to do business particularly in Marbella, either by participating with them, or simply licensing them to grant the projects. Even large investment funds attracting their clients’ money for investment need ideas.

There are much fewer ideas than investors in the world.

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