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Landscaping Design

The island's entire territory is planned to be transformed into a unique complex where the art of landscape design would reach its apogee of unity with nature. Below are some of the designs. 


On this page you can find some examples of our landscaping designs, which we cite as proof of the complete uniqueness of the ideas used in this project.

A tremendous field of lily of the valley flowers in an area of a private villa is made using the mural marble mosaic technique. 


We are now in a unique green area, a park of musical fountains and mosaics, where each composition is theatrical scaffolding. Here, you may hold various entertainment and performances. We watch play of lights, music, and lasers by night. A miniature city for children with a funny name, say “Frog City”, lies just to the side. The children swim together in the pool, a quartet of frogs plays jazz on the square in the centre. They are free to enter into each other’s play houses and meet new characters, play with them in the police office, visit their fire station, splash around with them in the fountains. These are leagues apart from the banal fountains that overflow city squares.

Large waterfall, with huge mosaic panels of "The Battle of Good and Evil" with a stunning ballet laser show

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