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High End Homes. Investment in Collectible property in Marbella

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Marbella is one of the most amazing, but also mysterious, towns of the world. In fact, it is heralded as the second French Riviera, but in Spain, a world resort attracting many tourists, a true paradise for a quiet and peaceful life. The owners of big capital flock to settle here, to buy expensive property for life or a temporary shelter, and to take a short vacation.

High end homes. Best villa design for construction

Real estate agencies vied with one another, offering all sorts of options for the purchase of such property, promising the golden mountains. Just walk to Porto Banús, the main tourist attraction of Marbella, a private port in the centre of the town. Your eyes are sure to be confused by the abundance of such agencies: from world-famous Sotheby’s and Christie’s, to the lesser-known and smaller local sales offices.

Let me guess your first impression: there must be a wide variety of choice, for every taste and purse! Only when you really start looking for yourself do you suddenly realise that the one special property, which we call collectable, the one where investment always pays off due to its quick liquidity, where price and quality meet the balance, simply does not exist!

You begin to intuitively guess whether it is either hidden from the eyes of thousands of tourists, as clothes are sheltered away at expensive boutiques only to be revealed to you later and keep you there for longer, or if it even exists at all.

I encountered this problem as I was looking for a plot of land to build on, which was then the only alternative to finding a truly unique property. But then, to my surprise, after spending more than 6 months on endless viewings of sites, I found one. But this wasn’t even a proper piece of land. Honestly speaking, the land behind the beautiful façades of luxurious Marbella required the industry to perform a huge overhaul.

It puzzled me that there was so little to choose from in such a luxurious place, where life does not need to fuss and so many wealthy people live. There was nothing at all!

There were no good, conceptual properties in this segment for any logical spending of money. What the agencies offered for 15, 20, 25 million did not match anything worth it. They could not match my expectations for the luxury I was promised.

You need a house that actually looks like it’s worth the money you bring in, but you don’t want to be shown an astronomical price just because it has 4,000-square meter floor plan. I soon learned that most properties are market templates and nothing more.

The ads all scream luxury; everything is supposed to be luxurious. Houses of that class should bring a grand sense of inspiration. They should encourage a sense of belonging. They ought to be their own amazing enclave, not just a mountain of glass and concrete to make up for the boastful square meters, even if they are clad in marble and granite.

This sense of inspiration makes our living space our home, a place we want to stay, where we really eager to live. For this to happen, many aspects must be satisfied.

It is high time to stop building just large concrete “boxes” with ugly interiors and call them the peak of perfection. Where is the imagination of architects and designers? Why has the southern sun melted away so much creativity known to be native to the region? Why don’t they spend enough time building masterpieces that are sure to earn a place in history?

Our team is lucky to have over 25 years of experience in the luxury industry, where impeccability has always been key, where all the nuances, such as design with good taste, uniqueness of location, and interiors laden with works of art, cannot be expressed in monetary terms. Such nuances are what make up emotions.

It is these emotions that sell themselves.

In calling the property luxury and collectable, we are not lazy and work to ensure it lives up to these standards. After all, the ideas of greatness give the birth to great things. In the words of Einstein, most people don’t see or believe that genius is just an unusual way of looking at things!

But there is always the ignorant individual who doesn’t know this, until he makes a discovery.

We have made this discovery in putting together our team of like-minded people. We do not want to be engaged in the rut of projects that are already abundant in the market. Instead, we choose the ones where the realm of ideas rules. We are the ignorant who don’t know how to be better than the others; we just want to do things differently.

Everything starts with an idea. Ideas rule the world. Our idea is to manage different kinds of real estate projects and offer them to the clients, not only for a logical price, but also to ensure they make money out of their property.

We are not an agency that sells properties. We are an investment club that creates projects for private clients and helps them build their own homes in Marbella as well as for professionals to finance their ideas. We deal with collectableproperties that have no match in the world. We just have our own “know-how” to get this done.

What would you say if we offered you a property, say a private villa of 1,700 to 1,800 squaremetres, entirely ready to move in, with unique architecture and Turnkey interior design otherwise unavailable in Europe, with a market value about €15 million Euro, but only for 2 to 3 million euros?

Intrigued? I’m sure you are! We’re talking about a new level of collectable property. Does this seem unbelievable? That’s why we claim that we’re the ignorant who don’t know how, but strive to make it happen. The ones who makes the discovery.

Why do we say that in addition to the fact that our clients can get not only a luxury home, they also make money for themselves? With a purchase price of 2 to 3 million euros, and a market value of over 15 million, what is the liquidity of such a property?

If you are looking for a taste of how this may be possible, we can give you some more information. Simply go to our website and get to know the team. For a better understanding, feel free to read our blogs and browse through our magazine. You are bound to get many new ideas!

After you do this, you may feel a desire to sell that villa for 15 million. We help you to do that as well, through our internal sales channels and our prestigious contact web of clients.

Again, let me predict another question you may have: I don’t get how, but why are you doing this?

Everything ingenious is as simple as ever. We work for investors, generating unusual and highly profitable projects where the rate of return is much higher than the industry’s existing standards.

Now here’s a question for you: what would you do after you experience obtaining your home for an incredibly low price with our help? Would you abandon that idea to make more money? I would like to think not. And that’s why we do it for, that’s why we create projects with different levels of investment. After all, luxury doesn’t tolerate fuss, so there’s no rush to seal deals. Over the years, we are proud to have accumulated a list of clients that are willing to do business, and who we will stay in touch with for many years to come; and we hope to never stop.


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