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How To Master In Interior Design Sourcing

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

When it comes to interior design, and especially luxury design, the first question to be answered is where to find and how to choose suppliers. A lot will depend on this, and above it’s the cost of the interior. Value for money is not always the key issue. In this article you can find many answers to these questions and understand how you can get luxury interior design at a reasonable price without overpaying for both the service itself and the supply of interior items.


The Art of Interior Design. interior Designers in Marbella

Luxury Villa Interior Design

Building interiors starts with interior design. How do you choose a designer who is able to create a custom interior? With all the seemingly endless choices of design services in the market , this is not an easy question.

How much time should be spent on searching, looking through endless portfolios of work. Even if the choice of a designer is on recommendation, it does not mean a quick decision. Still, clients will want to see what else is on the market to be sure of the correctness of this choice. And this is where a lot of people can be very disappointed. It has to do with the amount of material to look at, the time to talk to this or that designer, the agonizing decision of who to choose in the end.

Everyone wants to see what they roughly imagine. It's this unconscious that he wants to see in a designer's portfolio. It's good if he sees it and agrees to a compromise.

The approach that Luxury World offers is fundamentally different from all the other offers on the market.

Turn key interior design service. Designers in Marbella

The psychology of clients, and especially those who select luxury interior design, is such that they want to see what they want and preferably at once. Few people know how to visualize their ideas. Those who can, have been designers themselves for a long time. For the rest of the people, it is advisable to show in advance what their interior might look like.

This would be ideal, because in this case, the client is ruled by emotion. Emotional perception generates an effect of slight euphoria. We call it the WOW effect. It's what contributes to making quick decisions when buying. Wealthy customers buy, in most cases, not because they need the thing badly, but they buy on the wave of emotion.

Swimming pool luxury interior design. Interior designers in Marbella

Thinking this way, most would say in advance that it is simply not possible . The designer has to talk to the client, identify his taste preferences, solve a lot of additional questions with him. It's all true, and it's in the practice of any designer. It's a textbook process; there's nothing new here. It's boring and wouldn't be worth writing on the subject at all if it weren't for a different, innovative approach.

Luxury World offers a unique concept. It does not exist in nature. And this is especially true of luxury design. Such a service is not practiced there at all. Keeping in mind that the solution is emotions, which we talked about above, we developed a huge library of designs in different styles. The basis of these designs is to create such a visual effect on the picture, which can cause the mentioned feeling of slight euphoria. And it tells the client the rest. We create the illusion of presence, as if the viewer were inside the interior we are showing them.

Luxury Lobby Interior Design. Interior Designers in Marbella

Virtually everything we depict in these pictures we produce ourselves or work with our partners. We have known them for many years. The surprise in this is that everything we see is not made in Europe, but comes from our factories in Asia, where labor costs are still incommensurate with Europe, which means it will drastically reduce the budget.

The second peculiarity is that in Asia we are only talking about factories that cater to the local elite. To be precise, the super rich customers. These customers do not recognize the use of adhesives and harmful chemical impurities in production and are very critical of quality.

Finally, these factories allow us to produce what is not available in Europe. And this means that we can afford the most daring flight of fancy and not limit ourselves to almost anything.

But that's not all! The most unusual for the European manufacturer is the fact that in Asia, the cost of interior design is assessed differently. Usually, in the luxury segment, the cost is estimated per square meter of space, with a minimum area for the calculations, say 15 sq.m. In Europe, this is very surprising. But it is.

Luxury Dressing Room Design. #1 Bespoke Furniture maker

Therefore, in order not to spend money on interior design, you can use the huge library of ready-made designs, where you can replace all the elements and make your own author's interior. Or you can simply repeat an already finished version. For the end client, this is an incredible find.

But not only that! This kind of practice offers huge benefits to designers. It saves them time on the development of design, allows you to quickly test the customers to understand their preferences and stop on those options that cause him, the very feeling of euphoria. And then, it's done.

And lastly about the interior design. Since the cost of production is much lower than European prices, and the uniqueness of the designs exceeds their European counterparts, the designers get an opportunity to increase their profit margin, both through the supply of finished products, and through ready-made designs. They can manipulate such opportunities as they see fit, opening up a limitless field of activity for themselves.

Luxury World gives them the opportunity to make bespoke models, something the British love, for example.

Designer and Bespoke Furniture

The question of interior design is solved.

Now let's look at its equipment. What should designers do today? They should have a verified list of suppliers of all decor items. As a rule, designers do not work directly with the manufacturer, but cooperate with decorating and furniture showrooms, where many brands are assembled. Such places offer them wholesale prices for designers, service for delivery, assembly, guarantee quality, and solve most of the problems with their products, if any.

#1 Bespoke Furniture Maker. Luxury Interiors

How this is all solved at Luxury World. The name speaks for itself. A site like this was conceived as a one stop solution. And now, in detail how it works and why it is more profitable and cheaper to buy everything in one place.

There are two good reasons for this.

Custom Furniture Maker. Luxury Furniture

We present two kinds of furniture. The most exquisite models, on which we have worked for years, are presented online. An exclusive library of furniture from our bespoke collections.

Bespoke furniture

For the selected interior design options from the library, we supply everything pictured in the renderings. These interior designs are made in such a way as to provide additional creative opportunities for those designers, who still want to express themselves, or complete the interior, according to the already made specifications of this or that interior from the library.

#1 Bespoke Furniture and Interior maker

We do all the carpentry work ourselves. This applies to the production of doors, moldings, cornices, built-in cabinets and panels. Panels are a special direction of the factory. Using the German equipment for the production of panels and manual labor, you can get so unique models that they can turn any interior into a unique object by themselves.

Wall Panels Luxury Collection from #1 Bespoke Furniture Maker

As for the panels, this is a special pride of the supplier's factory. Unlike European counterparts, we do not use glue or nails for assembly and production. No chemical additives are used. All panels are solid wood of a special design. These panels do not warp over time and do not depend on the temperature conditions and humidity.

But that's not all. The production is built on the LEGO principle, where all the details of the panels are made separately and then simply assembled as a LEGO construction set. This provides a tremendous advantage. If the panel is damaged, only the damaged element can be replaced, not the entire panel section. They can be repeatedly assembled and disassembled.

The technology makes it possible to combine handmade elements with machine work and thus create unique designs. There are more than 120 models in the Luxury World digital library. This is enough to complete any project.

Luxury Wooden Wall Panels -Luxury World

Marble Mosaic Art

A huge number of factories offer to make mosaics. The question is what kind of work is required. Highly artistic work requires craftsmen of the highest caliber. Despite the fact that the technique of mosaic technique is quite simple, the manual selection of mosaic remains unchanged.

This work is done by the master by eye. He must choose the right shade of marble from the hundreds of shades for each element of the panel. The design creates the most important effect, turning dead marble into a work of art. Most works on the market are mass-produced and nothing more.

Art of Mosaic. #1 Mosaic Maker

For a mosaic to become art, the level of design must meet these criteria. Art cannot be mass-produced, it is always individual. Luxury World offers the creation of mosaics of museum level, when the skill of the workers is combined with the design of the highest class. Are there many such factories in the world? Just a few!

Yes we know, for example Italian factory SICIS. It's undoubtedly one of the best factories in the world. But those 20 mosaic masters used by Luxury World can reach such heights of excellence, which even SICIS can't reach.

#1 Rug Maker in The World

Luxury Handmade Designer Rugs

Another product for interior decorating is carpets. Here Luxury World has no equal, as the rug factory is owned by this brand. It has been called a style icon for the unparalleled quality and level of designs that set it apart from the entire rug industry. Over the long 25 years, they have managed to break all the stereotypes and produce world-class luxury products. Its customers range from Arabian sheikhs to showbiz stars.

#1 Rug Maker

#1 Large Rugs Maker

Summing up all of this, we really have a unique source of supply of almost everything you need to create high-class interiors. And it really is a one stop solution.



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