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Investment only in the most exclusive and unique property projects

Ultra luxury swimming pools from a design leader Investment Club in Marbella
Ultra luxury swimming pools from a design leader in Marbella. Copyrigh: Alexander's Collection

The hidden projects of Investment Club, for which there is no analogue on the world market. Another horizon of thinking, other opportunities for investment in real estate. Investment Club stands ready to act as a co-investor and generator of ideas for such projects.

There are far more investors than attractive projects

Exclusive interior designer builder Alexander's Collection
Exclusive design for entrance/ Copyright: Alexander's Collection

Developers are all over the place praising their new projects, which, in fact, are not new at all. Of course, you may earn on them, but how much? The same 15-20%? And when we come across projects with advertisements of 100% profits, it is sufficient to look at the visualisations for such projects to understand that such targets are simply unattainable.

To get other profits, you need to create really unique ideas that have no analogue. And for this you need a great talent and breadth of thinking to choose a different road, and not to follow the beaten path, where only stereotypes may be the compass. There is no other way. But it is this path, the most difficult one, that leads to the projects beyond the limits of conventional thinking.

Stereotyping for investment

Large villa entrance interior design/ Copyright Alexander's Collection
Large villa entrance interior design/ Copyright Alexander's Collection

What is the breakdown in stereotypes for property investment. The market dictate trends, making the consumer to believe that new trends are just what they need. The ubiquitous "boxes" style has completely taken over the market and made it so monotonous that if you remove all the signs and billboards in the city, we wouldn't realise what part of the world we are in.

Everything above a million Euros is Luxury. This new concept of luxury mass market leads to the degradation of people. Luxury has always been a concept of exclusivity for a minority. There should not be monotony, individuality rules over there. That is why in architecture masterpieces were created, no building was similar to another. Just like the great interiors that lived through the centuries.

Entrance hall interior design from Alexander's Collection
Magrificent entrance hall design /Copyright Alexander's Collection

The same trend is followed by the so-called contemporary art, which has also turned into Art Mass Market. Propaganda of the very idea of art accessible to the masses is not the starting point of the development of civilisation. Otherwise, it is a surrogate passed off as art.

But the idea of contemporary museums of art invented by Rockefellers and Rothschilds belongs to the category of ingenious business ideas that control people's consciousness and tastes, forcing them to follow the invented strategy. Look at the annual attendance statistics of contemporary art museums. They may exist only on donations. But they fulfil the main task of their founders - to promote contemporary art as a business first of all. And they are coping with this perfectly well.

The fashion world has contractual terms: about what is going to be fashionable this year, what colours should prevail, what trends are all going to be promoted by the trendsetters.

This is how stereotypes are created. Fabricated trends are imposed on the market. The reason for this is money. According to Bernard Shaw, 95% of all people in the world are afraid to think even on pain of death. It is because of this division that society is possible to be governed. That is the only reason why it is possible to impose fashion, trends and shape their taste as the market needs. However, the same B.Shaw said, "2% of people think and 3% think they think".

What is property investment beyond stereotypes

Luxurious bedroom for a private villa - from Alexander's Collection
Luxurious design for master bedroom/Copyright Alexander's Collection

It is the generation of projects that are radically different from anything else on the market. High and very high rates of return only come from unusual ideas, when a property stands out in the market and becomes an object of landmark and attraction for buyers.

A property turned into an art object, located in the right place and having its own distinctive image and concept always remains highly demanded and liquid on the market. And if such a property is designed in coalition with a world brand and the level of the project corresponds to the fact that the idea itself could be exposed on the international market for the sale of licences for construction with the preservation of the brand, this kind of project is a real gem.

Alexander's Collection a designer and manufacturer or fine interiors
Open space interior design /Copyright Alexander's Collection

These are precisely the kind of projects generated by the private Investment Club in Marbella. Why this is possible? Because the concept was once tested in the Asian markets and that invaluable experience makes it possible to transfer it to Europe, taking into account the peculiarities of this market.

However, the vision remains the same. Incredibly high level in everything from luxurious architecture, ultra luxury interior design with objects of museum level, original landscape as a private park and a full range of maintenance services, allows to allocate such properties in a special class, which we call collectable property.

We invest not only investors' money, but also our own money in projects which are not open to the public, thereby showing investors that we bear a large share of the risk ourselves. However, we do not design risky projects, we design projects ahead of the market, in order to reach places where others could be only the day after tomorrow, and many of them would never be due to their mentality.



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