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Turnkey Service for Project Properites

We, as the developers are co-owners of several exclusive luxury décor factories, the production of which require top-notch craftsmen, masters and talented designers. There are no similar manufacturers in the public marketplace. We produce most of our decorative items ourselves or collaborate with our partners, who in turn are manufacturers themselves. Such unique manufacturing and the cost control allows us to customize our real properties for projects of any complexity.



It took more than 4 years to develop the design and the concept of the project. To achieve a design of this kind requires a great deal of talent and an unconventional way of looking at things. Only then masterpieces are born. Over the years, we have generated a comprehensive digital library of designs that are ready to be adapted to the villa interiors being planned, depending on the final architecture on the ground.
The digital library contains numerous variations of designs for interiors of the highest class, in different styles.


Digitl Libray of Styles

Digital Library

Intrior Styles 2d raw

Interiors by Rooms

You may select a room for the project to see specific interiors by room. 


Art Furniture for Exclusive Interiors

Collectable properties require the collection of very specialized art furniture, which is impossible to buy from the market. It is designed specifically for this project and is an object of art itself.


FINAL MOD-191 and MOD-200-1.jpg
Final Set MOD-67+MOD-128.jpg
Final Set MOD-77+MOD-252+CL-01.jpg
Final Set MOD-176+MOD-178.jpg
Final Set MOD-100-1+MOD-74.jpg
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