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Touch of CARTIER

Real estate as CARTIER jewellery in cooperation with a famous jewellery brand. Complete transformation the design of property into an art object.  

The design of interiors and exteriors uses original artist works, made by the world's best masters, artists of their craft with high-precision reproduction of details. For the first time in this project the principle of architectural construction of interiors is used, where art objects are a part of such architectural design.

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International Franchising & Licensing

"Villa on The Lake" project opens a new page in the category of collectible class property, when the level of design reaches its apogee and the property is equated to the level of collectible class and is perceived at the level of museum treasures. 

Building such a luxury class emporium opens up unique opportunities for international franchising and licensing with the US, China, India and Middle East markets in mind.

The combination of all factors from architecture, interior design, landscape and the use of artworks specifically created for such a project, as well as the names of the architects and the worldwide brand, could take the investment in the first prototype to a new level and incredibly increase the profitability of the initial investment, making such a project going out of the industry.


Licence Fees

The Licensed numder of repeated unites by country:

China - 8-10  lisense fee:  80-100 M Euro

India -   4-5    License fee: 40 - 50 M Euro

Middle East (all countries): 5 - 50M Euro

US - 1,     License fee: 10 M Euro

The licence owner reserves the right to tailor part of the design to the cultural features of the country of licence.

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Global Franchising Marketing - WORLD FRANCHISE CENTER, London

Legal License Service:

China:             Duan Duan, YK Law 

Middle East:



Export Credit Insuarance: SERV, Switzerland

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