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High-yeld investment projects

Investment Club Offers High Yields to Investors in Unique Luxury Real Estate

Concierge investment service available to high-net-worth investors, offering incredibly high yields from exclusive luxury projects.


MARBELLA, SPAIN, February 8, 2023 – Investment Club – “your ultimate investment concierge in Marbella” – attracts investments from high-net-worth individuals and companies that are searching for higher yields than those regularly available in this alternative investment market. In an industry where the standard ROI for real estate is perhaps 20 percent, Investment Club offers its investors returns of 50 to 70 percent or more, even up to 100 percent. Real estate as an alternative investment has long been a staple for the portfolios of wealthy investors; yet returns as high as 70 percent, or even 100 percent, are almost unheard of.


How are these returns possible? Investment Club manages the entire construction process from bare land through to final sale. The company visualizes uniqueness and insists on impeccably high standards for all its projects with outstanding architecture and innovative interior design.


“We manage the entire process from the location, architectural design, construction, and interior design – using visionary interior designers – through to the final sale,” says Managing Partner Al Sander.“We also manufacture everything for investment projects ourselves in our own luxury factories in China, which helps us to minimize costs and achieve higher profits.”


Marbella’s superb weather and beautiful setting attract some of the world’s wealthiest individuals, and these persons are looking for truly individual properties, both private villas and resorts, that offer exclusivity; they are not interested in the run-of-the-mill, standard villas that too often classify themselves as luxury. Investment Club can offer that unique quality while also offering impressively high yields.


“Our projects stand out from the crowd; both location and design have unique characteristics that attract wealthy purchasers,” says Sander.“We think outside the box, avoiding the stereotypical appearance of many so-called luxury builds and offering the unique “wow” factor that high-end purchasers are looking for.”


Visit Investment Club’s site to find out more about some of these magnificent projects, and what it is that makes this company stand out from the crowd.


Press Contact:

Al Sander



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