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Investments in Real Estate Different Than the Market Offers

Best Villas Design in Marbella
One of the neoclassical design from Investment Club library. Copyrighted.


Unique Idea

Unique Architecture

Visual Effect

Property as Art

Low Cost of Implementation

Most of the projects the residential real estate market offers today are not very different from each other. There is the lack of creativity in the world, the market is ruled by stereotypes and trends invented today by an army of architects, designers and real estate agents.

They are based on the average client's taste, the cost of construction and the market price. The trend dictates everything. What they have to do is just get a piece of the pie in the real estate market to stay there.

That is why we see complete anonymity of projects most of which are automatically regarded as luxurious without being even close to it.

This leads to an average profit margin of 15-20% at most. If there is such an order in the industry, the competition is huge. The difference is simply in the size of the property and its location. The sale price depends on that.

We want to raise a question that few if anyone have ever asked. Is it possible to find projects where the rate of return is, say, 50% or 70%?

And what would you say if the question sounds more ambitious? Is it possible to get profitability of 100% or 200% or 400%? Most would say that's utopian, but it's not!


"Just because a lot of people think it's impossible doesn't mean it's impossible. There is always an ignoramus who doesn't know it. He is the one who makes the discovery."

Albert Einstein


Where and How Does the Miracle Begin?

Construction of Villas in Marbella
Contemporary style villa design from Investment Club Library. Copyrighted

Let's start this storytelling. Such a huge rate of return in real estate is possible only in one case, if we are talking about newly constructed properties where we are able to manage the entire process from design to construction, to sales. Such a property must look like the money it is asking for. Moreover, it must not only look like for that money, but also create an impression for a buyer that the offered price looks much lower than the real value of the property.

Only then it is that rate of return for the investor formed. This is exactly what we are talking about.

Of course, it is not only about how the property looks like. One of the signature parts is the concept itself, that unique idea standing behind the creativity. And finally, it is necessary to get the low cost of the project implementation while maintaining a sense of luxury, luxury without compromise.

These indicators create the miracle, which is hard to believe for most people. The majority just cannot imagine it, cannot break the market stereotypes. Simply put, it takes a creator's talent to reach heights where others not only can't be tomorrow, but most likely never will be.

In almost 25 years of working in the luxury industry, it has come to realize how necessary it is to create such niches, where there is absolutely no competition. Only in such a niche it is possible to get the very high margin of profit.

What Does It Take To Do This?

How do you create projects like this? First of all, it requires talent and a great deal of experience in design. Many people think that by finding the right architect, the problem of an investor is practically solved. This is absolutely not the case.


Unique Idea

If it is not that rare genius, counted on the fingers, most likely he will offer what is a trend in the market. We won't need an architect at the beginning, but an artist with a lot of creativity, whose imagination is the only thing that can create extraordinary things. We only need the projects where we can make a very large profit margin. We need to go beyond stereotypes and soar above the hustle and bustle. The architect comes only after that.

So, we forget what the market does and go our own way. We won't eat stale bread when we can buy fresh bread. We need fresh, out-of-the-box solutions.

Best Interior Design Marbella Spain
Wine room concept for a contemporary property. Investment Club. Copyrighted

Investment Club stands apart in the market of ideas, creating unique projects that meet the set task to provide a high rate of return to the investor. Such ideas are thought out, worked out and tested. The signature thing is the idea or concept of the project. It must be unique in order to attract attention.