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Investment in Collectable Type of Property Shows High Interest

Designing of luxury villas in Marbella

This is a distinctive type of investment in a real estate project belonging to the collectible category. This category is above luxury and belongs to a very special caliber of property, where fundamentally different rules may be applied. This is a property that has no match in the market, meaning its value is based on other criteria.

Investments in such property are capable of bringing a fundamentally new level of profit. However, in order to get a return incommensurate with industry standards, it is necessary to design masterpieces in architecture, interiors, landscape, and to provide buyers with a principally different level of service when maintaining such property.

One of the projects of this kind, designed by Investment Club together with Alexander's Collection, a high-end interior designer and manufacturer of ultra-luxurious product, is "Villa on the Lake"

Requirements for collectable class property

Ultra luxury interior design in Marbella  by Alexander's Collection

What do we call a collectible class? We name such projects that incorporate the creativity of the founder, the kind of creativity that brings individuality. Most built projects in the market are the crowd's creativity: nothing more than copying, following the stereotypes of the market.

Crowd psychology is incapable of being creativity. A creator alone can't follow the beaten path, he must find his own way, wading through the jungle of life.

Humanity has not yet been born. It is born only when it becomes living according to the principles of individuality: absolute freedom of choice. Today, the freedom of choice is compromised in favour of the same stereotypes in the market. The market as a collective mind dictates fashionable, houses to build, interiors to live in.

The word collectible carries the essence of the name itself. A collection is unique items. They are self-sufficient in themselves, they do not need to be compared to anything, they are unique.

"Genius is nothing but an unusual way of looking at things," so said Albert Einstein.


So, aboutcollectible class and investment in collectable type of property. The first and most important is an idea, it gives a birth to originality. Everything starts with the idea.

Luxury living space interior design in Marbella from a leader and manufacturer - Alexander's Collection

The idea of the project is to design the property and develop it so that it becomes one of a kind in the global market.

Co-operation with a world brand could give a distinctive impetus and contribute to the fame of the project and the idea as a whole.

More and more developers are chasing brand names that help them sell properties, and the stereotypes imposed on the consumer support this perfectly.

But when we look at similar and numerous projects, could we still consider them unique? Hardly!

So, what is the singularity of the idea behind the "Villa on the Lake" project? It is that it is designed on a level that enables us to bring it after the first prototype to the world market and to establish a franchise for the project, it could be sold under licence as a limited edition.


The idea itself may not yet make the intended. It must be revealed in details. It is in them that the secret of the project is hidden.

The most beautiful interiors in the world for luxury living. Marbella, designed by Alexander's Collection

You can design a beautiful project, build a big house in a good location and put it up for sale. What is unique about it?

Developing the idea of this project, the task is much broader. We are talking about a new concept of sales. It is not a property but a lifestyle, an essential requirement of which is service after the sale, when the consumer is offered a full post-sale service. The house must be looked after, the landscape around it must be kept in exemplary order and, most importantly, the buyer must not have any maintenance headaches. He should be assured that no matter happens, his problem is immediately solved.

Who is going to solve all of his problems? A property of this class is obliged to have a private butler among its staff.

This person is in charge of the maids, the chef, the gardener and the rest of the staff required for the perfect functioning of the property.

By developing this concept once and going out into the world, it essentially opens the door to the establishment of a very private and exclusive club of owners of a privileged community.

The consumers of this kind of product could be those rare aesthetes and people who aspire to a state of absolute individual freedom. The club under the umbrella of a very special world brand with a uniform management centre should become the beginning of a new generation of owners aspiring to this way of life.

EXCEPTIONAL ARCHITECTURE. Investment in Collectable Type of Property needs talents.

From luxury to individuality, from stereotypes of glass and concrete boxes to the uniqueness of style. A house is not only an architectural structure, it is also a place of comfort, cosiness, a special place on earth, where you want to return to.

Interior design from a leader and manufactiurer - Alexander's Collection, partner of Investment Club

In ancient China there was an interesting concept of construction. Architecture of houses was built in a way that the private life of owners was hidden from prying eyes as much as possible.

Therefore, they never made windows on the outside, they built the house around a large courtyard where all the windows faced the house. Of course, this is not to be followed today, but the principle of privacy must be preserved.

This vision was taken as the basis for the "Villa on the Lake" project, but updated for life in 21st century. However, the slogan "My home is my fortress" works perfectly well today. Since we are not able to reveal all details of the project in images, we limit ourselves to describe it and show some parts.

The layout of the villa is designed in order to preserve the principle of personal space and privacy for both the owners and their guests.

The guest units are linked to the main structure of the villa, but are self-contained, with their own internal space. The enormous swimming pool in the courtyard of the villa is integrated into the cascades of waterfalls and seems to float above them.

Water is given a lot of attention, it is everywhere. According to ancient feng shui theory, water takes away negative energy and purifies the aura of the house. In addition, the water areas keep the villa cool, and water flowing from one waterfall to another brings an atmosphere of levity and tranquillity.

Marble mosaics with scenes of nature are used in the decoration of buildings, many facade surfaces are dedicated to it and a special place is given to the interior décor. In addition, the design of the marble mosaics reveals the very international brand in question, which we leave incognito in the initial phase.

A new type of architecture likened to the villas of the Roman patricians. Perhaps if history had preserved their times for us, they would be living in exactly the same atmosphere and architecture today.

No cheap and easy materials, no paint. Finishing with natural stone only. It is easier to care for and survives for years. It only needs to be polished along the facades, if over time the natural process of aging, but aging beautifully, does not require them to be renewed.

The great Italian architect Gonzago once introduced to architecture the use of visual illusions, when various methods were used to create the effect of dissolving space, expanding the visible boundaries of the house. Deceptions were created that viewers could easily fall for.


Fireplaces. Interior design by Alexander's Collection

We first started talking about distinctive interiors, exactly those that make us unique Following no stereotypes, working out details and finding unusual solutions, unusual ideas and materials to make very special interiors. They follow special patterns and are built with the required peculiarities.

The first is WOW effect. All rooms of the villa, regardless of their function have a design with this effect, when the viewer gets a feeling of slight euphoria, joy, surprise and delight at what is seen. This effect helps in selling if visually gives the impression of a much higher value in front of us than sales prise. The villa looks more expensive than we ask for it.

Wineroom interior design from a leader designer and manufacturer - Alexander's Collection

Second is the "Eye Catcher" principle. This is about building interiors around special items in the décor, which we call "Eye Catcher". An object is introduced into the interior that captures the eye as soon as we step into it. It is a kind of eye magnet, the first thing we pay attention to. Then, the entire décor is built around it. Such a principle works perfectly and gives interiors a special value. The consumer subconsciously feels the value of such an interior, often without knowing why.

Property as Art Object

Art in marble mosaics for floor. Investment in villas done as art objects
Marble mosaic for interior decor by Alexander's Collection for Investment Club Spain

This is another one of the essential attributes of property of a totally different class. Art objects are not only and not so much paintings and sculptures. They are, first of all, special structural architectural elements made according to the sketches of artists, which are in themselves works of art.

Such innovations include mosaic marble floors and mosaic wall panels in bathrooms, unique wooden wall panels, many decorative elements made of glass: everything that adds value to the property.

In-house manufacturing facilities

Alexander's Collection interior design and manufacturing fine interiors

To get all of the above, it is essential to have a production that could cope with making so unique product, and we have it.

The most important thing in this kind of production is the craftsmen, artisans, who are artists in their own right. Otherwise, their qualification just would not allow us to execute orders of the required grade and level.

Distinctive landscape and life in a botanical garden

Landscaping with marble mosaics and fountains. Sculpture of Don Quihot in a private Park. Design by Alexander's Collection
Landscaping with marble mosaics and fountains. Sculpture of Don Quihot in a private Park. Design by Alexander's Collection

Landscape design too could be different. The design category we are talking about is best defined as the landscaping of highly artistic environments surrounding the property and its fusion with nature.

One of the features is the breaking of stereotypes in the design of the landscaping. For example, a trivial swimming pool is replaced by a swimming lake. Hence the name of the project "Villa on the lake" - a villa on an artificially made lake surrounded by virgin nature and works of landscape art.

We mention virgin nature, because the highest skill in landscape design is to achieve the illusion of doing nothing on purpose, just tweaking the environment a little, leaving it to the wildlife.

Coming Soon:

The personal butler as an attribute of modern luxury. Property management on a new level



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