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Our Factories for Art & Interiors

We make unique interiors, in our own eclectic style, they have their own face, their own personality.

Most of the items we use to decorate our interiors we manufacture ourselves.


The uniqueness of the business lies in our Digital Library of designs, where all prices are pre calculated. Everything shown on the picture would appear in the real interior. The library contains more than 800 works of this kind. Interior design does not require any more payment for the designer's work. All interiors were done for our own residential investment projects.

Art is more than just paintings and graphics in a single copy.  

We use extra-class masters capable of repeating the artist's creations in unusual materials such as silk embroidery, fine wood carving or marquetry and even marble mural mosaic.

Get in Touch With Us

Please contact us for any price inquiry for the items in our Art Gallery and interior design turn key service.

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Blogs About Art & Interior Design

Read all blogs related to our product we use for projects and promote nation wide HERE

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