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Real Estate Branding – The Ins & Outs

Touch of Cartier marble mosaic from Alexander's Collection
Alexander's Collection Copyright Design for Mural marble mosaic

Branded property is not a new topic. The Emirates is ahead of the planet. There are many names to be found here. There is no point in giving a summary of all these fashion brands using real estate for profit. The article therefore raises a question of attracting brands of this magnitude, for whom it is necessary to not only provide them with high royalties, but also create couture design. And this is where the stumbling block lies. Couture class design is something that only couturiers can do, it requires great talent and an unconventional way of looking at things, which gives a birth to the designs reflecting the very essence of the selected brand and providing it with a magnificent window.

Investment Club and its branded property projects

Alexander's Collection design
Exclusive design for 'Touch of Cartier' project from Alexander's Collection, copyrighted

For example, why would a world-famous brand such as CARTIER be interested in cooperation? How to make a design that best represents the essence of the brand, its aesthetics and taste? How to make sure that at the end of the process you get only a soft feeling, a touch of CARTIER, and not a blind copying.

Touch of Cartier

Real Estate Branding

CARTIER panthera

It's a daunting task. Why is this particular brand selected as an example? Because there are no projects with jewellery companies in the real estate market, firstly. And secondly, the idea of jewellery elements in itself, with a talented attitude, is capable of turning this property into an object of art, as high couture design is also applicable to the design of real estate. It's just that few people think about it.

'The Touch Of Cartier' is one of our secret projects. For our projects we use our own factories, allowing us to make low production costs for most of the decorative items either for the decoration of building facades, small architectural forms for garden design or high-end interiors.

Let's leave architecture aside, after all, it is our intellectual property and we are willing to share it only with our investors. However, in this article we show how couture design practices could be used to bring a real estate idea to life, even with a brand like CARTIER.

Interior design from Alexander's Collection- designer and manufacturer
Of of the top interior design for CARTIER project from Alexander's Collection: a designer and manufacturer, copyrighted

Uniqueness of this type of real estate is obvious. Brands of this magnitude are capable of generating more global business. For example, the implementation of this project may lay the groundwork for selling the property on the international market on the basis of a licence or franchise.

Interior design from Alexander's Collection for investment projects
Swimming pool area interior design from Alexander's Collection, Copyrighted

All designs remain the property of our brand: the designer and manufacturer of ultra-luxury products for the world's most exquisite interiors, Alexander's Collection.

Our mega projects of this calibre are ready to be co-invested and we invite the investors to share the winner's laurels with us, not to mention a completely different rate of return unavailable in the investment property market.



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