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Investors from all over the world are looking for secure, profitable and unique projects to invest their money in. Such projects are very limited even if they are different from what are offered for in the market.


We have several fully prepared investment projects, meeting all the above criteria, with a conceptual business plan, detailed evaluation of cash flow and predictable schedule of completion.

Unique factories, totally hidden from general market, are focused on elite segment of products. We owe some of them, partner with the others or cooperate with those for years.


These criteria allow them to keep the project exclusive with lower cost and therefore, the profit margin is not compatible with industry standards.

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The projects presented by Investment Club are fully confidential and are not disclosed to the market until we pre-qualify the partners and sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). After the NDA is signed, the party gets a direct access to our servers to investigate the project, to be completely confident about it.

There are several projects in files with a variety of investment values, starting from 5M Euros to 200M Euros. Depending on the project and investor’s needs, we could work with one investor or a group of investors, who share profits proportionally to their investment. The Investment Club acts as an Investor too or a Developer of Project, on the terms agreed in between the Parties.

All projects are offered on the turn key service basis.

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