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Investment In Unique Business

The park of fountains and fine mosaics, Art in the open air. A unique tourist center.

This investment project is able to turn the idea of parks in principle. The uniqueness lies in the idea itself, no match in the world. The only one of its kind is the famous Gaudi Park in Barcelona. But it has a completely different concept and they use ceramic mosaics.


Highly Profitable Investment

What is the reason for high profit?

Restaurant Is a Perfect Business for the Park

We invented that idea for Spain. It is completely out of the realm of ordinary. We combined unique designs, collecting them during over 20 years, working with several masters of art.

Some of the works were originally created for famous brands, some of the designs involved artists exhibiting their works in auction houses.

All 22 zones of the park are one-of-a-kind installations, where the key element is a huge mosaic panel, the water extravaganza is lined up with those masterpieces. The cascades of fountains support the drama of the show, in combination with the play of light and music. Each composition also serves as a stage for a laser show, live concerts.

The park is to attract to tourists from all over the world, not just from Europe, to visit not just ones. It is a cultural center, with daytime and evening performances.

The visitors get into the jungle and meet an elephant and a zebra, listen to the sounds of jungle, find comfortable places to rest and meditate, see a swarm of butterflies, plunge into the music of Oriental fairy tales, listen and see the ballet with the enchanting music of great composers, dive into the abyss of the sea and see huge jellyfish, meet Cervantes' characters: Don Quixote and his loyal friend, visit a Chinese tea ceremony in a tea house and much more.

Let's not forget that it's an amazing combination of marble mosaics and fountains, water is everywhere. They may spend the whole day there and meet enjoy their special food place to refresh.

The park has a conceptual restaurant with democratic prices and incredible interior at our service.

This is all beautiful lyricism, to describe the idea itself and to let you imagine the scenery.

Highly Profitable Investment

The figures of investment are more than attractive. The project may bring to investors at least 3 million Euro per year.

To get and feel the sense of the idea, click on this link and have a look at one of the places, a large waterfall, with huge mosaic panels of The Battle of Good and Evil with a stunning ballet laser show.


Why did we work on that idea?

This project is designed for the coast of Spain, for Marbella where the tourist season lasts almost all year round. However, with the onset of winter, there is absolutely nowhere to go and nothing to do on the coast. The sea is already cold, the sun is not so warm for sunbathing. The season is winding down, the tourists are leaving.

Now imagine if having a place like this. Outside of the high and pick seasons, to be here is even more pleasant. There is no more exhausting heat and you may spend more than one day in such a park. After all, you don't just stroll around looking at the exotic fountains, there's something going on every day: concerts, performances, activities for children and much more.

The market is in demand of tourism in the off-season

The investment terms are very attractive. Making such a park once, then we get a passive income for many years. By adding one extra installation a year, we generate new visits. Parks are managed by professional companies. The investor pays them a fixed percentage of profits as a management fee.

The average profit is 30-50% per year based on the original investment and it goes on year after year.

What is the reason for such a high profit?

Unique investment projects with very high margin.

First, it is the uniqueness of the project. It is one-of-a-kind. If there is no match, then rumors are spread very quickly. Attendance is growing rapidly. In addition, our connections in Asian could multiply the attendance by attracting tourists from C