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Russian clients are a particular luxury niche on the property market

Ultra luxury interior design for living room from Alexander's Collection

A new luxury niche on the property and interior design market. The perception of Russians as a large community of people who speak Russian.

Previously, the majority of buyers of property on the coast acquired housing for temporary living during summer season and long holidays, but today the situation is changing dramatically.

And this applies first of all to clients from the CIS countries (former Soviet Union).

They are increasingly preferring the coast for permanent residence. The mentality of the wealthy clients: Russians, Ukrainians, Kazakhs and other residents is different from that of Europeans, who have no problem with the choice of a place of principal residence or second home.

If it is the principal property, then the attitude to it is fundamentally different. And first of all, it refers to forming a habitual lifestyle, which they are accustomed to in their homeland. And the interior here takes a leading position. They are used to living in more comfortable environment, surrounded by the beauty and cosiness of their homes.

Peculiarities of mentality. Russians are used to luxury

Luxury interior design for bedroom - Alexander's Collection

The structure of living space for Russians is different from that of Europe. This wealthy class is used to large spaces in interiors. Especially this applies to bedrooms. Spanish bedrooms are quite small. In the understanding of Russians, the bedroom should have a lot of air, besides the bedroom itself it is necessary to arrange a small boudoir or even a small office.

Special preferences for Russian clients on property market are given to the level of design. In their family mansions, the best designers worked on the interiors, practically all the furniture was bespoke, was ordered in Italy. In European interiors there is practically no idea of interior architecture. Designing of interiors is limited to zoning arrangement of furniture and general decoration. The space itself is given a passive role, it serves for functional arrangements. As a rule, the walls remain painted, even in expensive homes. Expensive wooden panels are hardly ever used.

Luxury interior design for a lady office next to bedroom

Consequently, they have to be satisfied with whatever the market offers, or they have to sign up a designer from their homeland, usually someone they've already worked with and done more than one house before.

Russians like to pay attention to detail, attention to themselves, the feeling of very high-end interiors and a personalised service.

A special touch to interior design for Russian clients on property market

Luxury interior design from Alexander's Collection
Example of interior design idea from our Digital Library

If customers knew precisely what they want, they would have no need for the services of designers. The ability to see and create an interior is not given to everyone. Therefore, they are willing to pay in order to get back the feeling of their homeland, even if this could be attained at least by the art of interior design.

Many of our clients have been surprised by the kind of service we practice in this industry. Being in business of designing unique investment projects, with a very high rate of return, we assign a major role to decoration, putting it above everything else. Why is that? Because the price of the property depends on it. Most people on the market just don't understand this.

Therefore, in every one of our projects, the interior is the king and God. Without unique decoration, you never get a unique property.

That is why we let our clients fully immerse themselves in the world of interior beauty and see their living space in advance. For this purpose, everything is created in advance in the form of well-crafted pictures where the interiors are presented in their full glory.

Living room interior design from Alexander's Collection
Living room concept - Digital Library Design

A whole library of designs is created in this way, and it is convenient to work with it. This enormous database is not just an endless set of pictures of interiors, it is a database of ideas that could be implemented in interiors. And as we know, everything starts with an idea. Interiors without an idea are boring and monotonous.

Using such a database, you may quickly and easily test the client's taste and design the whole project without spending a lot of time. This is the purpose of the Design Library, or in fact the Library of Ideas.

Alexander's Collection Bedroom design - Digital interior Design Library
Bedroom design - Digital interior Design Library

Designing an interior, using these ideas you get almost unlimited number of interiors. That's the beauty of the digital library.

And then, if customers still do not have to pay for the services of an interior designer, and see his home in all details in advance, a service of this level is really unique on the market today. There is simply no parallel to it.

A special touch to private villa architecture

The best design for private villas from investment Club Marbella
Library of architectural design

The same thing we discussed above applies to architecture. The digital library serves the same purpose here, unless we are talking about trivial projects, such as there are many on the market. Therefore, it makes sense to show clients of this class ideas that preserve their individuality, instead of buying the same 'box' style property.

This service has only been possible because of the calibre of investment projects I have had to create in my 25 years of being in this business. Gradually over the years a whole pleiad of designs has been born, including architecture, designs that are not similar to anything on the market today.

The best investment project for private villas in Marbella - Investment Club
Conceptual design for private villa from Digital Library

Of course, such properties need to be built anew, the reconstruction of the old buildings would never give the desired results. But we need results and we have the clientele for whom we should create all of this. It is a niche on the market and nobody sees it. And stereotypical thinking is to blame.

Follow the link to see the beauty of the offer and potential of one of the most exquisite and niche brands, a factory of ultra luxury level:



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