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Art for Billionaires


A mysterious world and a special caste of people who have managed to make enormous amounts of money. How crowded is this niche for business? In 2000, there were 470 billionaires in the world and their total fortune was estimated at $898 billion. In 2022, Forbes counted 2,668 billionaires, which, however, is 87 fewer than in 2021.

The number of billionaires in the world is increased by 573 during the pandemic. There is a new billionaire in the world every 30 hours.

This article is based on personal experience of dealing and networking with this elite class. It looks at how to create products and services exclusively for this niche.

Product for Billionaires. Stereotypes of market thinking

Eco style villa. Interior decor

Private project

Exclusively in the Investment Club Gallery

It is commonly believed that very rich aspire to own the most prestigious brands, the most expensive luxury goods. They want the most luxurious houses, cars, the finest jewellery and collector-grade artwork. All of this is true, but it is also completely wrong.

My 25 years of experience in dealing with and serving such people has led to an incredible transformation of my own consciousness and understanding to build those exceptional business niches, the kind of service that is able to help these people get rid of many problems in their daily lives.

Excess money has a flip side and leads to a constant desire for capital growth, and this breeds an inability to empathise, lack of imagination, tendency to alcoholism and other negative mental reactions to excess money.

Exclusive interior design world-wide from Marbella

Ladies' room

Private villa

Unique fireplace in modern chinoiserie style. Solid wood carving.

Exclusively in the Investment Club Gallery

Unconsciously owning a huge fortune leads to the desire to maximally rid oneself of many worldly problems. Do not think that it is so easy to solve this problem? Practically no one offers a comprehensive solution to those burning problems.

Thinking that billionaires buy up everything for any money and pad their ego is a far misconception. They make purchases only when absolutely necessary or when their emotional state coincides with their inner state for the purchase. Most of the time they buy on emotions. They want as little trouble as possible.

Winery. Private villa

Bespoke concept for furniture

Special alloy imitating glass

Exclusively in the Investment Club Gallery

In their endeavour to sell their goods to this class, companies go for numerous tricks. All these attempts are directly related to market stereotypes.

Since the topic of this article is about art, we do not want to go into the details of other fields of activity, we focus only on this specific topic.

Contemporary Art For Billionaires

Luxury Interior Design with ART Marbella

Entrance Hall. Private villa

Unique flower table and huge Don Quixote wall art.

Marble, special glass alloy, hand silk embroidery for the wall panel.

Exclusively in the Investment Club Gallery

It is mostly for strictly gallery art and as long as the buyer is a collector, he buys from verified auction houses. His purchase is an investment in the first instance. There are philanthropists, but this is rather an exception and another stereotype of the market.

My practice proves me that the concept of contemporary art is most often associated with a certain way of life that eliminates, preferably, most of the problems. If a man buys a property, he wants to get it as ready as possible for comfortable living, so that nothing would overshadow his life.

One should not think they do not understand anything or see no value in the decorative objects they have to live amongst. Many of them really believe the things the world pretends to be art are just dummies they're selling for a lot of money.

Contemporary art for exclusive interior design Marbella

"A View from Eternity"

Oil painting in mixed technique, solid wood special frame, 24K gold leaf

Size 100 x 110 cm

Exclusively only in the Investment Club gallery.

Realistically there are very few products and services for billionaires in the world. We do not take into account yachts, aircrafts, cars. They are just typical of the attributes of that status.

Why we follow a completely different direction in designing decorative objects elevated to the level of works of art, and we don't deal in art for the sake of art. Because we have 25 years of experience in this luxury industry for billionaires and our experience shows us different behaviour.

We occupy this niche - art for billionaires, where we promote a new aesthetics and a new value of decorative objects, capable of creating good taste and bringing in positive energy into the living space, and therefore into the emotional state of people.

Art for Billionairs

"The Flaming Artist"

Incredible work for extra class interior decoration,

made in marquetry technique with precious woods, 24K gold plated.

Size 150 x 170 cm

Exclusively only in the Investment Club gallery.

Therefore, among the exhibits of our gallery there are only items with indisputable artistic value and reasonable price. These items have exclusivity and uniqueness. They are made by skilled craftsmen of very high-level. There are only few people with such capabilities today.

That is why we market ourselves as art for billionaires: decorative goods for the world's narrowest business niche.

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