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New concept and revolutionary breakthrough in real estate investment

Bespoke  art furniture by Alexander's Collection for Investment Club Spain project


Collectable property must have everything special. You may see a design concept for a living area with all decorative items made as a bespoke limited collection.


Is it conceivable to design a property project that itself has the potential to become a magnet not only for investors and developers, but also for famous brands?

Is it feasible to licence a project and develop it internationally? What level of project could generate millions of dollars in royalties?

Entrance hall Interior design by Alexander's Collection for Investment Club Spain


Entrance hall concept with Alexander's Collection bespoke art furniture and amazing combination of white marble and glass.


 “Villa on The Lake” a trademark project, designed by an international design leader and ultra luxury manufacturer of home interiors, Alexander’s Collection and marketed by Investment Club.

Marble mosaic, designed by Alexander's Collection for a world famous brand.


One of the most intricate marble mosaic, designed by Alexander's Collection for a world famous brand.


This project requires co-investment. However, it is fundamentally different from anything else on the market and must be a magnet for investors.

BRAND - the project's signature intrigue, breakthrough in real estate investment

Open space interior design by Alexander's Collection for Investment Club Marbella


Interior design by Alexander's Collection, our in-house design studio, shows a unique concept for planning an open space. Outstanding wood and glass décor, made as trees, separates the living areas, while clouds of crystals serve to complement the interior design and give it extra levity.


The biggest intrigue of the project is the name of international brand that expressed interest in joining the project and it's breakthrough in real estate investment. Sceptics would say there are many branded projects on the market. Yes there are. But in reality, what are they? Which brands are invited to projects by developers? Why do brands willingly go for such co-operation?

Let's examine some case studies in order to understand exactly to what we're talking about and why it's not suitable for our project. What brands are involved in the market? Firstly, those that are reasonably easy to access. These tend to be the brands with home collections, such as FENDI.

Review: Famous names in real esate industry now


Today, FENDI Home is managed by FENDI House itself, after the death of one of the geniuses of Italian furniture industry, Albero Vignalelli, Luxury Living Group owner. Here, by the way, is a great example how one man at the head of a company can do and how the company dramatically changes after him. Here are some development projects with Fendi name.

 Fendi residential property  Epic project in Marbella

"EPIC Marbella is the first project in Europe to collaborate with the prestigious FENDI CASA brand to offer luxury designer properties in Marbella's most prestigious location on the famous Golden Mile.

"A unique private project consisting of three independent phases of duplex flats and duplex penthouses with qualities and services that represent a new level of luxury on the Costa del Sol. SPA, gym, concierge service and social club, innovative design, materials with their own personality are some of the reasons that make EPIC Marbella the most luxurious project in Marbella." as the same named internet portal reports." As it is reported on Epic Marbella platform.

Fendi residential property  Epic project in Marbella

Here's what the developer is offering as interiors.

FENDI interior for Fendi residential property  Epic project in Marbella


DarGlobal to build 53 luxury villas on the Costa del Sol. Terra Viva is the name the Saudi-based luxury real estate developer, DarGlobal, has given to its new project on the Costa del Sol in Malaga. The exclusive complex of 53 high-standing villas in Benahavis is valued at €282 million.

Lamborghini residential property in Marbella

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce&Gabbana residential project
Dolce&Gabbana residential property

In a grand unvelling during a private presentation event, Dolce & Gabbana and Siera Blanca Estates revealed their collaboration.

Cavalli Residences

Roberto Cavalli residential property


Grisogono branded property in Dubai

What are the differences between the presented designs of those brands. The only difference is the fact that property developers use furniture from collections of brands with the same name. And in Missonni's case, for example, they have to use textiles, because the brand doesn't have a Home collection.

Why do brands of such calibre come forward to collaborate even with this kind of implementation for their image?

Merely because it is a great showcase for them and an opportunity to sell their products.

But there are some brands that do not go for collaboration in real estate at all and stand apart. Their calibre is higher and unrivalled by anyone else. They don't need rudimentary PR, their products are not related to interiors and furniture manufacturing.

Marble mosaic design by Alexander's Collection


Alexander's Collection one of a kind design for mural marble mosaic work and area rug discovers jewelry as the source of inspiration. It is one of the signature designs we plan to use in one of our special branded projects.


It is about exactly the names we are talking about in the new breakthrough project that is announced by the Investment Club for a niche of private investors. We reserve the name of the brand incognito for the time being.

Marble mosaic for landscape design by Alexander's Collection
Landscaping design by Alexander's Collection for collectable level real esate investment project


Garden landscaping design by Alexander's Collection. Marble mural mosaic as a lawn of flowers:

the type of design we use for collectable property projects.


The very concept is different, and the brand's image is moulded by entirely different standards.

We keep the intrigue for now, but we show how the design could be different for projects of this level.

Indoor swinning pool for a real esate project. Design by Alexander's Collection


Indoor swimming pool design concept by Alexander's Collection


As we have always advocated, the property corresponding to this level must belong to the class of collectable property, which means that everything in it must meet special requirements: from architecture, interior, landscape to maintenance and special service for the owners.

Wine room design for real esate project by Alexander's Collection


Wine room design concept from our art studio Alexander's Collection


We presented only some design discoveries, by which indirectly it is possible to draw an analogy and guess the brand dedicated to the design of the brand.

Read the next article about positioning the concept as a licensed and limited edition project.



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