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The Best Real Estate Investment Niche

Ultra Luxury Property Design

How to have high profit margins in a real estate investment project? To do this, it is necessary to change the very basis of approach to such projects and to select a niche for this kind of business, where there is no competition. 25 years of experience in luxury industry and design of investment projects with a rate of return significantly above the standards of the industry. We design only projects of this level for investors who would like to go beyond the stereotypes and look in the future, where the aesthetic of real estate undergoes fundamental changes. The cities of the future look completely different. How to do we reach this goal? Read this new blog.

Investment in Real Estate Projects Universal Aesthetics of Nature

We almost never think why everything that nature has created is loved by all humans without exception, why is its aesthetics universal? One reason for this is that we were born with the same perception from the very first moment we laid our eyes over the world around us. It is precisely from that moment we call the birth of taste. We accept nature as a fact of life. It is likely that when born on another planet, our perception would be very different, and our aesthetic would be entirely different.

Industrial design, around us since our birth, is no less influential in our perception of beauty, in the formation of taste and aesthetics.

Invest in Luxury Property

Humanity has immersed itself in industrial design to such an extent that it finds justification in what seemed impossible 50 years ago, simply the development of civilization. Mass market has flooded all areas of our lives: from clothing, to the architecture of our cities. And so this approach leads to degradation and the emergence of new aesthetics.

Returning to the universality of aesthetics in nature, we notice that no technological progress affects it. We still admire the beauty of sunset or sunrise, mountains, the ocean and the endless expanses of forests and fields as we did a hundred and a thousand years ago.

Today we are changing human consciousness by artificially reshaping our perception of beauty. The very meaning of the comfort of habitat is changing.

Best investment projects in real esate
Claude Monet, Irises in the Garden

Why have great works of art and architecture survived and why do we try so hard to preserve them for future generations? The answer is quite simple. In the past, there was a class of aristocracy. Their belonging to the highest caste, their upbringing precisely for this purpose influenced their education. They were taught music, painting, dancing, they were introduced to the art of ballet, they went to the best theater premieres, they were formed and instilled taste from childhood. All this led to the fact that their perception of beauty was capable of distinguishing the best of what mankind was creating at that time. Had it not been for this social class, Leonardo da Vinci and Rubens, Raphael and Van Gogh, Matisse and Quindzhi would never have survived to our days. It was the aristocracy that turned out to be able to preserve them in their collections.

If the trend of depersonalization is not stopped, degradation and feralization await humanity.

However, wars, pandemics, and world crises indirectly lead to a reassessment of values, an awareness of the finitude of life and the irrevocability of time. Rethinking causes a part of society to change its lifestyle. The desire to enjoy the moment and enjoy life becomes part of the mentality. A new trend is emerging, and it involves a small segment of people with wealth. This trend is called Ultra Luxury.

Investment in Ultra Luxury

Luxury Real Estate in Spain
Investment Club Ultra Luxury Villa

No one wants to do something that is out of the stereotypes. People are used to following a proven track. Returning to real estate investments, we see exactly the same thing as described above. But there is always an ignoramus who thinks differently and doesn't want to go with the stream. Who says you have to do it the way the market does, who says you can't change the very approach to investments like those, who says that the market doesn't need anything that is out of the current trend. History proves that breakthroughs are made by the singles or by white crows. They are the ones making the discoveries.

Investment Club stands for a special philosophy, new ideas for real estate investments. Most people think that it is impossible to have a 100% rate of return. Of course it is impossible, if you follow the stereotypes of the market and do what other people do. But if you look at this activity differently, it is not only possible to achieve that, but this is the key criteria of the new investment approach. Let's say at once that it is entirely possible to get such a rate of return only in the ultra luxury segment and nowhere else.

Luxury Real Esate Investment in Spain
Interior design concept

The concept of ultra luxury is not just the design of residential space; it is a combination of many things. The main one of them is the property should look like for the money we are asking for it. You can think of any number of things, but if the property's appearance does not impress the asking price, the formula does not work at all.

On one hand, the value of land is dictated by its market value in the region where we want to buy it. The cost of construction is also determined by the market. Then there is a logical question: how can you get a rate of return of 100%?

Then, let's try to answer this question in detail, and immediately everything falls into place.

There's a formula that makes up the projects. Suppose the value of the land is 4 million Euros, a plot of 6,000 square meters. For example, this in the urbanization of La Zagaleta, Benahavis, Malaga.

Further, to build a villa of 1,700 sq.m. it requires 2,000 euros / sq.m. Without going into the detail of calculating the villa footage, if the basement is included, we assume that the whole area of the villa is calculated at this price. Then the construction would cost us another 3.4 million Euros.

Now the metamorphosis start to happen here. We now have a balance of 7.4 million euros. but want sell the property for 25 million, in order to get at least 100% of the profit.

It means we have to spend 12.5 million Euros on the decoration and landscaping, as well as additional finishing of the facades, taking into account the cost of land and construction itself. Or we should leave about 4-5 million Euros for the decoration.

Most would say immediately that this is a huge amount and it is not necessary to spend so much, and you beat about 1-1.5 million. Quite right. But then you can't sell such property at the required rate of return. For this kind of project, the sales price may not be higher than 11-12 million. This is not our subject at all. We are not satisfied with this rate of return.

How do we use our Ultra Luxury formula?

We put extra money into decoration without sparing it. We need it to achieve the following results.

Property as Art.

Luxury property investment projects in Spain

To increase the sales price we need to turn the property into an object of art, no less, so that the facades, interior design and landscaping make an impression for money. So the buyer has a strong impression of it all being worth a lot of money. The art of a designer is to generate this effect. How do we get it all?

After all, any piece of decor, the bespoke category costs a lot of money, and we'll never get it on budget. That's all it is. Therefore, the market does not offer anything like that.

To be able to supply bespoke items you have to have your own factories with low manufacturing costs. This is impossible to do in Europe. Many things simply cannot be made in Europe, or the price of such items is going to be astronomical.

This is where the mystery lies.

The basic principles of space design

We have the production and experience in making such level of decoration, impossible to find in Europe. It took us 25 years of working in Asian markets for local elite, who are much more demanding to the quality than European high-end customers.

Moreover, with the uniqueness of production and the craftsmen capable of making items commensurate with works of art when any idea can be implemented for a completely different money.

Now, let us try to capitalize on the power of manual labor, which is impossible in Europe.

Luxury property in Spain
Entrance hall with a huge marble mosaic on the floor

First is the marble mosaic. It makes an incredible impact in a house, raising its value. The huge spaces of mosaic floors would impress anyone. Marble mosaic is timeless, it remains an essential part of the home's architecture.

Mural marble mosaic. Luxury interior design in Marbella

Mural marble mosaic. Luxury interior design

No less effect huge abstract compositions are capable of in the design of swimming pools, wine rooms and luxurious bath rooms. Carving on snow-white marble creates such a unique look and value that one is unlikely to ask why the property costs so much.

Luxury interior design in Marbella
Carving on marble with waterfall for a bathroom design

Next comes the technique of marquetry with precious woods. We can generate incredible effects with it. For example, by designing dressing rooms.

Luxury interior design for a new bult villas. Marbella. Spain

Casting glass is a technology by Lalique, which is able to turn upside down the way you think about using glass in the interior. Our task is to turn every area of the house into a couture style interior.

And then there are the furniture itself. If we want to have an art effect, the furniture must be bespoke. They are not available on the market.

Luxury interiors in Marbella

There are many techniques and technologies to help us to achieve this effect and turn the property into a unique work of modern architectural art. To learn more about the possibilities of such manufacturing, you can read here.

Next a technique we call the WOW Effect comes. To enhance the perception of the interior, exterior and landscape, we need to generate a special atmosphere in each zone, causing a slight sense of euphoria on the first visit. The buyer, seeing such decorating techniques for the first time, would be very surprised. This is simply impossible to find anywhere else.

The most beautiful items in the world
Wine room concept

Today, the substitution of notions of interior design and interior decoration is so distorted that the consumer simply does not understand the difference. Most of the services on the market from designers, it's a simple decoration: the selection of furniture, textiles and accessories. Interior design, on the other hand, is a completely different approach, it is the architectural solution of the interior.

Luxury villas in Marbella
Bespoke interiors with bespoke models of furniture

Without revealing all the secrets, we add only one more: designing the property so that it visually looks larger than its declared number of square meters.

Non-standard architecture

The Ultra Luxury level implies uniqueness in everything, including architecture. The world of the "standard" is bound to pass into oblivion, to be replaced by author's and innovative ideas. Today it is becoming increasingly popular to use the ancient Chinese philosophy of Fershui in the design, with its laws of building space to achieve a comfortable environment in terms of the circulation of positive and negative energies.



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