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How to build a villa with a 10 million euro profit for resale? Best Interior Design

High end interior design. Master in Design with 25 years experience

As paradoxical as the title sounds, it is absolutely realistic. However, for such a rate of return, we must fulfill a number of conditions that guarantee us this income. This article discusses just such an option of business in Spain and not only. This general approach works all over the world, just people do not think, and simply do not believe in such opportunities. But, everything ingenious is quite simple. As Einstein said, "Genius - it's just an unusual way of looking at things"

Who offers such investment projects for private investors?

Investment Club. Marbella

The best architecture for exclusive projects. Copyrighted

This is a completely non-standard team of professionals, which was founded specifically to generate investment projects of this class. We select only those projects where we participate ourselves, which means that we share the risks with our investors.

Amazing landscape design for private projects

In order to make such projects possible, we have to forget about the stereotypes of the market, where such returns are not possible, taking into account what the market builds and offers.

Why are we so confident of success? Because this concept has been proven over many years of our work in Asia, where we first brought to the market the concept of not just luxury real estate, but collectible class property for leading real estate companies.

Exclusive design for inbuilt swimming pools

The second thing is that we ourselves are involved in partial financing with the investor. Everything we supply for interior and exterior decoration, we produce ourselves at our unique production facilities.

Thirdly, having sufficient contacts in Europe, we invite world-class brands as partners, which significantly affects the selling price.

Unique architecture for private villas. Copyrighted

And lastly, 25 years of experience in the luxury industry plays a key role. We know how to create a level of Design that requires great talent and extraordinary knowledge. We say Design with a capital letter, because everything we do is different from anything else on the market. This means that we create unique objects, one of a kind projects, the price of which does not fit into the general trend of the market. We are above the market.

Private property investment. What we do? Exclusive Interiors

Unique architecture for private villas

1. We develop a conceptual design that would be of interest to our potential partners in advance: well-known worldwide luxury brands. They are only interested in unique high-end projects. Best interior design for villas

2. We start from our own understanding of architecture, interior, landscape and service in the maintenance of the villa after the sale, sharply differing from the market offers.

Best interior design in Marbellas

3. The main criteria for uniqueness is Design. This concept applies to everything from architecture, interior and landscape. Designing the project, we can afford not to think at all about the cost of production of all the elements of decor, creating a level of interest that can only be obtained by hiring expensive designers. In addition, some of the decor items cannot be made in Europe, where there are simply no such specialists.

4. Location is one of the most important criteria for the pricing of the sale.

Eco style interior design. The best interiors for villas

5. Attracting a global luxury brand.

6. We follow our own design know-how. Those interested can read it in one of our articles here.

High end contemporary villa design for resellers

7. We create only collectible class property. Here are its main points of criteria.

Property as an Art Object

Creating illutions in interior design. Master of Design

Property as an Art Object is the core of our know-how. We are not talking about paintings that we fill the villa with after the building is completed. We are talking about the architectural elements that are inseparable, which in themselves are decorative art objects and automatically add to the value of the property. For this purpose, we use different materials in the decoration. For example, marble and multi-coloured onix, creating incredible mosaic panels for entrance halls and bathrooms. The designs for these panels are art because they are created by renowned artists.

Exclusive interior design for investment projects

Incredible metamorphoses in interiors can be created with a special glass alloy, creating almost surrealistic pictures that are hard to believe exist.

Unique interior designs for bedrooms. We manufacture everuthing for high end interiors

In our production facilities we produce such unusual modern panels that they are already art objects themselves. For example, we use the technique of inlaying valuable wood.

We design villas and interiors

And much, much more. In addition, all projects are completed with bespoke art furniture, which is simply impossible to buy on the market. Together, this gives the villa the status of an art object.



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