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INVESTMENT CLUB invites international artists to participate in a special program when we finance the project of expanding their original art for several optional products to be promoted and sold all over the world. For the time being we open financing for 2 types of products where we have our own factories to control quality and respect the strict partnership terms with the artists. 

This new developed product would be marketed using our new large internet platform LUXURY WORLD where only high end product and high end design are allowed to be displayed. Our Art Curators would accept the original artworks of the artists. The artists get free marketing for their new products and work with us on a Royalty basis to be agreed.


Also, if an artist has his internal channels for sale through the art galleries where they are well established, we may find a logical and more profitable way for them to negotiate with the galleries on sale terms and exclusive rights to represent the new product of the artists. 

Besides, INVESTMENT CLUB would use the new product in our real estate projects and promote it internationally.

The Royalty commissions to be agreed privately. A licence agreement to be legal and respect any copyright law and any special obligations and terms. 


We always search for talents with original artworks suitable for more products than just original artwork. It brings extra income to the artist and expands the name and the product widely using our marketing. We fully finance this new venture. At the moment we are looking for original artworks suitable to redesign for art furniture and carpets. These two products may work together well and bring new art to the interiors of our clients. Those types of products would be promoted as ART.


We invite those enthusiasts who want to see more business for their art. Just contact us to let us see your artwork. We are in design for over 25 years and our art experts work to investigate if we may invest in the artist. Please advise us on your website or let us know where we could see your artworks. The rest is our job. Once we hear from you, we would be in touch and show you how your original artwork could be transformed into a new product without losing any aesthetics of your original idea. We prepare a draft design and approve it with you first.


We prepare and sign a licence agreement with you or your representative (possibly a gallery if you have any exclusive rights with them) and prepare the final drawings for production. We approve it with you. and then ask our factory to manufacture the first prototype. Then, we present the product as a limited edition with the agreed number of duplications.


We market the new products together. As well the artists we invite are famous enough, you may expand your business through your existing galleries, public relations, media. We finance our own marketing to attract people to our LUXURY WORLD and to the artists we work with. We use all types of marketing: social media, advertisement, trade and art fairs, digital marketing on the internet, direct mail to our clients and many more. The artist or his gallery are being updated on a regular basis about the sale. Depending on our terms, we may appoint a gallery to accept orders on an exclusive basis with some restrictions for the sale volume. In this case, we buy from that channel as well. We are open for collaboration with well known artists to find a good way for that anyway. 

Contact us to discuss

This project is fully sponsored and financed by IMVESTMENT CLUB-SPAIN

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