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Enhancing the value of a house with art

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

It is commonly believed that works of art increase the value of a property when it is sold. Let's look at all aspects of this statement to see if this is true, and when it really works.


Fine Art Galleries

Typically, art is traditionally understood as painting works. The higher the level of the interior, the more significant should be the artists' paintings that we use for decoration. For ultra rich clients we usually offer canvases by the most famous masters of art. Art historians and experts advise clients to buy just those works. Among other things, it is also a good investment in art. There are numerous contemporary art galleries for clients of this level.

Since, in this case, works of art are also used to increase the value of the property if it is sold, let's see if fine art can really increase its value or if it is just an advertising gimmick.

Don Quijote . Art gallery in Marbella. Decoration of luxury interiors
Don Quijote large silk embroidery artwork

It all depends on whether the buyer considers such a property as an investment and whether he or she considers the paintings placed in the interiors an investment for him or her? In most cases, when buying a property, the buyer is guided by his own perception of aesthetics. It is not a fact that he is as much a collector of paintings as the seller. Therefore, the claim that art collections play a role for such a buyer is highly questionable.

Mural mosaic for outdoor swimming pool decor
Mural mosaic for outdoor swimming pool decor

Undoubtedly, real estate is an investment. But what real estate parameters significantly affect the investment choice? As a rule, it is architecture, location, good and quality repairs and finishes, kitchen, high quality finish bathrooms, equipment, a beautiful pool and lands

cape. These are the main parameters that the buyer as an investor will pay attention to.

But that's not the topic of this article. Can works of art raise the price of a property when it is sold?

Interior Architecture as Art Objects

The first golden rule is creating interior architectural concepts where objects of art become an integral part of the interior. Long work in Asian markets has taught us some approaches. The most valuable things in an interior of a property are the floors and the walls. Paying enough attention to floor and wall décor allows us to develop a unique design that starts to play a key role in determining a property's value.

Luxury interiors with fina marble mosaic
This large mural marble mosaic is a custom made artwork for the villa entrance brings obvious value to the property.

Let's look at a few examples. The face of the house is its front lobby. It is a calling card. We should pay special attention to it and allocate a sufficient budget for its design. To achieve such a result, there are two ways to approach it. You will have to either create the interior itself, which may claim to the category of art, or, put an art object in it, integrated into the interior. It would remain an integral part of it.

Mural marble mosaic for Marbella inteiors
Full scale design for mural marble mosaic

Another example is the design of swimming pools and wineries. These are always the pride of the owners, and they are happy to show them to guests at any opportunity. It is unlikely that anyone will rebuild such interiors, where enough money has already been invested to make them truly one of a kind.

Indoor swimming pool area design Marbella
Indoor swimming pool decorated with two types of marble for unique villa interior design.

When planning an interior, claiming the status of art, we need to achieve the WOW effect: such a state, when there is a feeling of slight euphoria from what we have seen.

Wine room interior design for Marbella large villas
Wine room concept for a private villa in Marbella

Panels in the interior is always a tool to increase the value of the property. As a rule, it is expensive when we order them from European factories. However, in our case, we kill two birds with one stone: we get an architectural and decorative masterpiece and pay a reasonable price for it. For this reason, our slogan remains the statement "Luxury at an affordable price".

Wall panels for luxury interiors
Variety of wall panel models may turn the interior into a spectaclular picture

And, of course, fine and mural marble mosaics truly create magic in an interior, if they are a replication of the artist's design, rather than trivial monograms or rosettes. There's plenty of that on the market. It's not possible to call these things art, which means they have no value comparable to the category of art. And then, this chippy stuff won't have any effect on the value of the property.

Wooden wall panel collections for luxury interiors in Marbella

Alternative artwork

Wall decoration for Marbella interiors
This artwork made of carved wood and glass is a perfect alternative for interior decor

No secret how much painting costs, especially when we need a large one.

When we're talking about high-end interiors. Here, even contemporary art should be treated with caution. Realistically, contemporary art has a very dubious expertise. These unproven in time works of art are only promoted by art historians on the market and their commercial value is too much of an abstract value.

Large villas tend to require large works to decorate the walls. Art objects are often the dominant subject of interest. How much of this kind of work could we find on the market? What is the alternative?

Artworks made of wood
Artworks made of wood

In our opinion, and therefore we promote art objects made in non-standard techniques, it can be copyright works of artists, made in the technique of thick silk embroidery, creating additional volume and game of light shades, or in the technique of marquetry, when the design is typed as a mosaic in a single whole with a wooden veneer of precious wood species.

Dining room luxury interior design in Marbella
This dining area is decorated with hand made artwork. Carving over wood, black gloss finishing, painted in shades.

Another alternative is to make art objects made of wood and artfully finished to give the desired effect.

Luxury interior design in Marbella



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