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Interior Design

Designing unusual projects for real estate, of course, we pay great attention to design in principle and interior design in particular. Our unique manufacturing facilities allow us to make and implement designs of any complexity. Great experience in the design industry and the practice of using interior design in life allowed us to develop our own concept.

This innovative idea makes life much easier for our clients, saving their money and, at the same time, keeping the level of interior design at the highest level.
We promote the concept of "Collectable property", meaning that there are no restrictions to any ideas we want to incorporate into the interior.

We do not do interior design like most companies. We offer you pre-designed solutions for extra class interiors, with pre-calculated budgets from our enormous digital library.
In this case, you do not need to pay the designer's work, it has already been paid during the preparation of our unique digital library.

The calculation of the price is very simple. Each interior design showing in the digital library has a price, calculated by taking into account the price of 1 square meter. Then, knowing the overall area of a room, we easily estimate the budget in advance, simply by multiplying the price per square meter by the room footage. This is the case for all rooms.



Below, we give some design ideas, taking into account the different styles. This is a kind of our portfolio. However, the full library is available in person.

Contemporary Interiors


Collection "Hidden World" in Marbella, Spain


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