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Luxury Home Interiors

Luxurious interiors are the first and foremost about creating atmosphere, every room in the house should be special and catch the eye. There are many techniques for this. Part of these secrets would be shared in this article.

I don't believe in creating great interiors born at the moment of order. It is too much time consuming. They need to be practiced for a long time to avoid slipping into template production. They must already be in the baggage of a master who has come a long way in life before reaching that level.. No other is given, the other is nothing more than a publicity stunt.


If you didn’t get the chance, you just didn’t take it.


High end homes Marbella
Villa entrance hallway interior design

Today we're going to talk about interior design. Interior design was the beginning of my profession many years ago. If you had time to read my previous article "What is the most profitable investment in real esatate?" , where we looked at a completely different approach to the architecture of a private home, you probably expect something similar here.

Let's try to break the usual stereotypes. I think everyone noticed that I give few pictures and confine myself more to the description of the topic, leaving a kind of intrigue.

I do this quite consciously. The world of interiors which I have been involved in for more than 25 years is radically different from anything I have published before.

Most private interiors are owned by famous people or are part of very private projects, they are not intended for public publication. However, you can still see it by becoming a client of our portal

Luxury homes in Marbella
Large villa entrance hall, the 1st floor

For our registered clients we open our complete database of designs to break the stereotypes of the market forever and make you look at design in a different way.

Private interior design is a thing of the past. Today I am more interested in creating unique projects.

Together with the client we act as investors and invest in the business, where we both only benefit.

He gets a steady margin of profit from the projects I create, or gets his own unique home as part of such a project at a fabulously low price.

The level of interior design that I do does not require detailed costing of individual pieces. The base that I have at my disposal, allows me to create luxury interiors at a fraction of the cost of any European factory.

At the same time, the production allows not to think about whether the idea can be realized or not. All replicas of the most famous interiors, and there are more than 800 of them, you can choose to instantly form the interior of the house, without spending time on a time-consuming process, creating visualizations. And of course, we are only talking about the level of luxury interiors, where everything is included from A to Z. In these interiors everything is taken into account. Only a few can do it!

Luxury homes in Marbella
Entrance hall balcony in neoclassical style

To reach this level requires many years of work in the luxury industry, vast experience, and special factories to produce it all. These sources were used only by the wealthiest clients, they are inaccessible and work for a select few.

Shaping the style of the house and choosing from our private catalog, the main indicator here, among other things is the price! Therefore, investment projects of this rank have a high return on investment and can occupy its niche, available to a select few.


If you want to be better than the others, then get ready to do what the others do not want to do.


Investing in luxury real esate

Great luxury real esate investment
Large villa entry way

First, I call it the "wow effect." This principle includes such techniques in the interior, which no one has done before. I usually use them for the formal areas of the house.

For example, the combination of marble with glass, when seemingly heavy columns could hang in the air by using irregularly shaped textured glass with backlighting instead of the traditional base and capitals. That said, no classics. As part of the composition, they are complemented by a cascade of lights in the form of airy clouds composed of many ice crystal-like elements. And this is the lobby of the house.


Glass in interiors is my theme in general. I have a wine room interior built entirely on the effect of glass. Ice panels, ultra-modern tasting table in the form of a sawed-off prehistoric tree encased in ice, while the chairs are transparent cubes with inclusions of wood, branches and plants. It could be a real pride of the owner of the house and a complete surprise for the guests.