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Outstanding Investment Project On Costa del Sol for International Licensing - "Villa on the Lake"

The highest profit return investment project in Marbella

For the first time in the history of development on the Costa del Sol, the property is being upgraded to collectable level with the participation of one of the world's most renowned brands of the first magnitude, with the subsequent sale of licenses for the project's limited edition collection to international markets - "Villa on the Lake".

All standards are reviewed from the level of architecture, interior design, landscaping, security systems and custom service by its own staff, with the service of a personal butler. Extraordinary interior design upgrades the property on art level.

Fully turnkey investment project with its own fleet of cars in the garage on private prime land and extremely high profit with no match in the world.

Investment club as one of a signature investor is looking for a sub-investors. We accept only private, not institutional investors.

Private Sub-investors are invited. All project details are available after NDA and POF.

For preliminary face to face meeting contact:

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