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Villa model #37 "Don Quixote"

This villa project is in a very unusual style for the seaside. This is a magnet for those who are looking to buy an exceptional property. The prototype of the decor was inspired by “Don Quixote”. The license agreement was signed with one of the most famous Mannerist artists in applied and easel graphics,  an artist seen at Sotheby’s. Initially, the master created it for engraving, but later on, we bought the design to create a marble mosaic to build the design around that signature masterpiece.

Built: 2,500 sqm

Ground Floor: 1,060 sqm

1 st Floor: 340 sqm

Basement: 300 sqm

Roof Terraces: 200 sqm

Open Terraces: 600 sqm

Bedrooms: 7

Bathrooms: 7 +2 (1/2)

Garage: 5 cars

don kihot 1st NNN2.png



don kihot 2st nn.png


1 Villa Main Entrance


2 Villa Entrance Hall

Villa 2-2.jpg

3. Internal large patio

386_View 1 Front fin.jpg

4. Swimming pool area with large Don Quixote marble mosaic and waterfalls 

392_Y-21-10 fin.jpg

5. Swimming pool area backside 

406_VILLA 2-1_fin.jpg

6. Guest house section 

Villa model #38 "Crystal Clouds"

The villa is named after the fact that we have used a completely unusual material in the decoration, imitating transparent glass, similar to the crystals of crystal. The main lobby is decorated with special lights that completely give the illusion of clouds. The bases and tops of the modern columns are also designed with the use of casting glass to achieve the atmosphere of the interior with the columns seeming to float in the air.

347_W-07-GLASS Don Quijot.jpg

     Built    3,540 sq.m.       

          Living Space: 2,396 sqm            

Ground Floor:

Living Space -1,646 sqm

Covered Terraces - 790 sqm

Open Terraces - 140 sqm

1st Floor: 

Living Space - 350 sqm

Open Terraces -198 sqm


Living Space - 400 sqm

Bedrooms: 12 

Bathrooms: 12 +4 (1/2)

Garage: 6 cars

Swimming Lake, Open Air Swiming Pool, inbuilt swimming pool


Side #1 evaluation plan

Villa 15 FIN VIEW A.jpg

#1  Main Entrance view


Side #2 evaluation plan

Villa 15 FIN VIEW D.jpg

 #2 Side View 


Side #3 evaluation plan 

B SIDE Evaluation.jpg

Side #3 View


Side #4 evaluation plan

Villa 15 FIN VIEW C.jpg

Side #4 View


Area #5 evaluation plans

Villa 15 FIN VIEW E.jpg

Area #5 view


Area #6 evaluation

Villa 15 FIN VIEW K-L-M-N view.jpg

Area #6 View

Villa model #39 "Monplesiur"

"Monplesiur" is designed in neoclassical style with modern interiors. The villa is named "my pleasure" because of the incredible atmosphere of recreating a private park with fountains and mosaics, its own swimming lake decorated as a swimming pool, the design of private and secluded areas for relaxation. The combination of timeless classics with modern technology opens a new page in the design of the highest class real estate.


Built     1650 sq.m.             living Space - 1,161 sqm           Terraces - 489 sqm

Ground Floor:

Living Space - 620 sqm

Covered Terraces - 175 sqm

Open Terraces - 48 sqm

1st Floor: 

Living Space - 248 sqm

Open Terraces - 260 sqm


Living Space - 293 sqm

Bedrooms: 5

Bathrooms: 5 + 2(1/2)

Garage: 3 cars

Swimming Lake, Open Air Swiming Pool, inbuilt swimming pool

1 ЭТАЖ.png

Ground Floor

plan Ch-Sp villa AM scale 4 1-st 2  floor fin_ed.png

1st Floor

plan Ch-Sp villa AM scale 4 -1 floor 4.png


Villa MAIN ENTRANCE_fin.jpg

Side #1 view

Вид со стороны бассейна_fin.jpg

Side #2 view

Ландшафт 2_fin.jpg

Side #3 view

Villa вид 1_fin(1).jpg

Side #4 view

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