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A new look at buying property in Marbella

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

buy luxury property Marbella

How to pay less and still get a collectible class of real estate with incredible turnkey interior design? No need interiors where the furniture is simply selected and arranged, but interiors that dramatically change your living standards, interiors that give a face and personality to the property, bring exclusivity to it.

What is the secret?

First, we need that kind of architecture and interior design meet together. This unity is to be exceptional and with no match on the market. We do not need just the declaration for that. We need a true luxury and even more. We need another level for making collectible property.

Second, we need affordable price.

But if we are talking about a villa, say 1,800 square meters with turnkey interiors for immediate move in, at a good location, it may not have a sale price as 3 million Euros, for example. This price would be more than desirable.

Cannot be? Of course, it’s no way to get it on the market. What everyone can't do, a few may bring in life. This is the niche, where we work!

And now, I give you a big surprise to be shocked. Even this 3 million Euros is just our fee for the secret we reveal to a few clients and investors. Then the question comes. Where is the price for the property itself then?

This is the price of the property itself!

Its market value exceeds 15 million, there is no wonder! To understand how it works and be sure that this is not an advertising gimmick, but a fair business, you have to make an appointment for a private meeting at Investment Club, with one of the founders personally. If you look at our team, you'll see who we are. We are the people who value our lifetime reputation and never gamble or manipulate business.

Of course, this does not mean that we are ready for the experiments of those kinds to keep as the basis of our activity. Not at all! Doing that, we are looking for like-minded people, people of our way of thinking, to cooperate for years.

If your experience with us is successful once and you earned with us, will you refuse further cooperation? After all, you make money on such offers. Instead of paying 15 million, you can get this for 3 million! And it’s absolutely possible.

And the last, just for an idea! Marbella attracts many people as a great place to live. Of course, you may just enjoy life here. But why not make a passive income? We just showed a new business opportunity to you.

Contact us, and we'll show you more. A team of like-minded professionals, honed for projects of this level, ready to share their secrets with a small group of investors.

A new look at buying property in Marbella



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