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real estate investment in Spain



Investment projects in luxury property in Marbella


Investment Club as a boutique level developer  offers a fundamentally different approach to investing in real estate, radically different from anything else on the market today.

With 25 years of experience in the luxury industry, Investment Club offers its clients several ways to invest:

- Investments in the construction of unique properties with a rate of return incommensurate with the market;

- Reconstruction of existing properties to increase sales value;

- Unique ideas for new business, where there is no competition in the market. This service is open to businessmen who are looking to create a business in Spain.

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We occupy our own niche in the market and offer our own developed projects to those investors who are not just looking for interesting opportunities to invest money and make a profit, but who set a goal to invest in projects that can not only bring the generally accepted standard of profitability in this industry, but also to obtain a unique and conceptual real estate with a rate of return much higher than these standards, to get something which is almost difficult to implement in the market.

The universal concept that we offer consists of several positions, which makes all projects highly profitable.

The first and most importantly - it is the idea of the project, which has no analogue, which means that such a project will be fundamentally different from all the existing on the market. We work on the design of all projects by ourselves and do not hire any outside staff for this. All this is reflected in the cost. When designing, we assume that everything should be unconventional: from the idea, architecture, interior and landscape.

The second is almost limitless possibilities for the implementation of such projects, because many things are difficult to do in production, or almost impossible in Europe. Any ideas in design of exteriors and interiors are feasible in our projects, regardless of their complexity.
Everything that we supply to projects we produce at our unique factories, which allows for a low cost of goods, and thus significantly reduce the cost and budget of the project. This automatically leads to increased profits for investors.


The third is the team. All team members are professionals from the luxury segment of the real estate market, united by one idea: to create their own niche in the market for the realization of investment projects, which has no analogues.

And the last is the creativity that allows you to get such unique projects in general.



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