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Amazing Luxury Real Estates to be built

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

The article deals with the most unusual projects of construction of private villas as an investment. The basis is taken as a complex solution for the creation of unique projects in terms of architecture, interior design and landscape. All the described projects have no analogue in the market by two criteria: the level of design and profitability of the investment project.



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Tippical of contemporary style villa in Marbella

On average, the level of profitability in this area of business (construction of private villas) is in the range of 15-20% of invested capital. If we take such a segment as the construction of hotels, this is added to a long payback period of such facilities: 10-15 years, which in terms of annual income is much less than the construction of private villas. However, in the long run, it will provide reliable preservation of capital and profits for many years, which in aggregate becomes interesting to many investors all the same.

I worked for many years in China in this area of business. The concept of real estate business itself is understood very differently there than it is in Europe. The large companies involved in this business are developers, builders and sales agencies at the same time. They also employ interior designers in addition to architects. 25 years in this market has brought great experience and understanding of how the price of real estate sold and how profitable an investment in this business may be.

Without going into details of the specifics of the Asian market, I will tell you only one thing. There is a completely different approach to everything. Profitability of 15%-20% will never interest investors. Despite tremendous competition, many companies have their niche in the market. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with Asians like Green City, Star River, I have come across how they value and create property values. Many of the techniques can and should be transferred to the European market, where they can work fine.

To summarize and ask myself whether it is possible to go beyond the 15-20% profitability standards, my answer is affirmative. I've already written quite a bit about this. More curious readers can go back to the article "What is the most profitable investment in real estate".

High-End Home in Marbella
Arhitecture of Investment Club, in contemporary style

I will still briefly dwell on it, so that in the future, moving on to a conversation about conceptual design specifically, it would become clearer why the Investment Club appeals to non-standard solutions, which the market either does not use much or does not use at all. And then, it will become clearer why and how realistic it is to get profitability several times higher than the market average. Is it possible to achieve 100%, for example. My answer is not only possible, but necessary. A lot of things will be required for this, but anything is possible. If I didn't have experience in Asia, I would never have believed it was even possible, and not a matter of our sick imagination.

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Entrance Runway to a guest house. Investment project for a large villa, Marbella

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The basis of the market value of all luxury projects are as follows:

* The uniqueness of the idea. It is desirable that the market has no analogues of such a project. The more interesting the concept of the project is, the better. With no match on the market, such an important indicator as property location is left behind.

It all depends on what we are going to build.

A perfect example of this is one of the most famous settlements in Europe, "La Zagaletta" in Spain in the municipality of Benahavis, Andalusia. Looking into the history of its creation, we see that in the past, at the turn of the 70-80s of the last century, it was a place no one knew about.


Brief history Of La Zagaleta

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Adnan Mohamed Khashoggi, born 25th of July 1935, bought La Zagaleta, at the time called La Baraka (Happiness) in 1973.