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Which investment projects allow the maximum profit, and by what resources could this be accomplished? Are projects with a rate of return several times higher than the industry standard possible?

Best villa design in Marbella
Investment club villa project

In order to understand whether it is possible to design such projects where the rate of return is assessed not in terms of industry standards, but on the basis of the visual appearance of the investment property, we must first of all understand what kind of real property we are talking about.

Such metamorphoses are only possible when designing extra-class property, which goes beyond the stereotypes we are accustomed to. We call this type of real estate "collectible real estate".

Besides, to achieve the maximum result, it is preferable that such a project should have a well-known name of the worldwide brand. Speaking about the brand we do not mean the use of collections of furniture from, say, FENDI or Lamborghini, we mean the complex atmosphere of the brand in everything: from architecture, interiors to landscape.

It's not an easy task to get the audience to feel the stylistics of a brand. This approach is similar to reading between the lines, but exactly this approach provides tremendous profitability of the project and opens many additional opportunities for investors. Unique projects drive the idea of franchising, when a license is granted giving the right to repeat the project in another country. It's like creating a Limited Edition collection.

For this reason, the investor has the opportunity to double or triple the return on investment.

Few people even think about it, because there are so many problems associated with it that is easier to follow the beaten track, following stereotypes and market trends, than to waste time on an incomprehensible new direction. But it is one that becomes a new trend in the nearest future. Those who understand it in time could make a career for themselves, leaving the inertia of the rest far behind. The market is stagnant, so it's not too late to have a breakthrough in the industry.

The Most Profitable Projects To Invest In Marbella

Best villa design to build new property

To get the desired, no matter how paradoxical it may sound, several conditions must be respected. If they are followed, there is nothing paradoxical about that. This method has been tested many times in China, where I had to work for 25 years. If a Chinese investor does not get a 100% return on investment, the project is not attractive to him.

Let's open the most important secret of such investment. These rates of return are possible only when investing in private villas, built specifically for the designed concept. In the development of the project takes into account many factors that qualitatively affect the sales price and the look of the property.

In the luxury industry, goods are sold not based on their cost of production and the desirable profit, but on their looks. The basic question remains: does the newly built villa look the money we are asking the buyer for? And if the answer is yes, we have reached the result. The other factors used to raise the selling price are additional, although no less important.

These include:

- Transforming the living space into a sequence of interiors that are capable of evoking emotions and creating a slight sense of euphoria. Every area in the house, whether it's the central living room, the dining room or the huge master bathroom, the small library in the study or the luxurious wine cellar, everything should be subordinated to one goal: to evoke a WOW exclamation. That said, each area should have a subject or composition that holds the viewer's eye, whether it's simply the use of color or an elaborate panel lighting system.

Best interior design for a new villa in Marbella
Interior design concept for Lamborghini project. Credits: Investment Club

- The villa as an object of art. This principle raises the value significantly through the use of decorative art objects in the interior and designed for it: such as marble mosaics, an unusual combination of glass and marble, handmade wall panels with built-in lights.

Best interior design in Marbella

- creation of a visual effect to enlarge the space, so that the villa looks bigger than the floor plan shows

Best villa design for construction

- Creation of bespoke furniture pieces

Best interior design in Marbella
New Collection of bespoke furniture 2023

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