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Developer and Architect in Marbella. What’s the Best Business model?

We introduce a new business model in a very conservative real estate market in Marbella. It's amazing how much the market lives on stereotypes. The imposed fashion for so-called architecture "boxes": contemporary houses made of glass and concrete, has led to the fall of such a concept as individuality. It is becoming a lost past. Is it possible to turn the situation around, at least for such a niche as the luxury real estate sector? The value of such properties is so that the concept of individuality and selectivity shouldn't just disappear. And it is not important that the market classifies almost all properties, worth over a million Euros, as luxury. What is required for that? How to be sure that the concept of exclusivity would not be just memory.


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New design for neoclassical villa
One of the model of new neoclassical arhitecture from Investment Club

Those customers coming to this world' s resort and thinking of staying here and buying property as a holiday home on the sea in the summertime always ask themselves the same question: to buy or to build. Most believe that it is much easier, cheaper and faster to buy ready-made property. Who really thinks about building?

As a rule, those who have already bought property in Marbella, plunged into the local flavor of life and service, have learned from their painful experience how far from the quality of purchased property is, in which all the time they have to repair something. Ads, describing the charms of Marbella real estate ended, realtors have received their commission. They are no longer interested in the client. We would not go into detail about the quality of building on the market, but say that it is generally far from being perfect. One of the reasons is the stereotypes of thinking.

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They build in their old ways, as they got used to, the competition is large, They have to think about the costs, otherwise they will not get a deal, developers require compliance with deadlines, the margin in the construction business is relatively small.

As a rule, for these customers there is a question of building a house for themselves, and originally purchased housing is temporary.

The second category is that of more affluent clients. They are thinking about a different kind of property that meets their standard of living and quality criteria.

Finally, the third category is entrepreneurs who purchase the property for resale. They are of interest to us under the heading of the article.

In any case, the construction, in the concept of any client is a choice of an architect. There are many of them on the market and you could take your time talking and getting to know each one, especially when it concerns expensive real estate. This is where we first meet with disappointment and bewilderment: it is almost impossible to choose. All architects have experience, have built many buildings, all are worthy to be partners for the client.

The architects, understanding that the process of making a decision and selecting a plot for construction is labor-intensive and time-consuming, are actively working with the developers. The developers have alternative tasks. They have an idea of the type of the land to offer, they get and supervise all the permits for construction, they order architectural projects, and then they suggest a ready variant of the decision to the client.

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The architect has to wait for the client to visit him anyway. If the client doesn't select the prepared option, then he has to work even longer.

The mentality of clients is so that they think of the architect as their principal contractor. These professionals know everything and fulfill all the tasks for the client. This is partially true and most architects offer turnkey services.

A conflict of interest happens when the building of a new villa is required for resale with the highest rate of return. Stereotypes work in a way that makes it impossible to change the average margin in a competitive market such as the real estate. The only solution for the investor is to build a unique property, so unique that a higher-than-market price can be asked for it. And that is why, when visiting an architect, those investors look at what is on offer. But is it only the architect who is so important for that? They do their own great piece of work in the project. The process of designing something unique and outside of the traditional stereotypes requires a lot of time and a lot of resources. They just don’t have that time, and clients, with rare exceptions, have no desire to overpay them for the unique design. Unfortunately, the mentality always prevails and everyone thinks the design cannot cost too much. In fact, it is the design that costs money. Only design generates the value.

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