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Enclaves. A New Trend

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The luxury industry today is undergoing a tremendous transformation due to the global restructuring of the world. The chaos of its financial system, so far carefully concealed by all forces, may prove to be the fatal result of its development, plunging the world into a new Great Depression.


The exorbitant growth of the total debt, when more than 600 trillion dollars turn out to be nothing more than a huge soap bubble, can lead to a great explosion. And then the world economy would simply be buried alive.

The inertia of investor thinking is still causing investors to invest in exchange-traded financial instruments, further fanning the flames of the global economic conflagration.


The world is capable to produce 1,000 pianos an hour, but unable to produce enough decent pianists to play them.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


The speed of our progress seems to have tragically surpassed the philosophical measure of our wisdom. We have come to be ruled by patterns, stereotypes, trends and rules that dictate the world, killing individuality. Even the luxury world has not been spared. Financially successful people today seem to be a different standard of wisdom.

"Gold is money and everything else is credit and debts".

JP Morgan

Probably by the time, the most people realize this, it will be too late. What we are unlikely to avoid, however, is the desire of capital and the owners of that capital for security. And the greater the risks of the financial system and the risks of political instability, the more and more acute this problem will be.

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And this means that sooner or later, the most important criteria for life comes. It is the desire to provide such security either for oneself or for a small group of people of equal social status.

Since we are in the real estate business, the creation of enclaves looks coming as a new trend in the nearest future. And there are many harbingers of this.

Take, for example, such a huge market and the second economy of the world as China. Having made huge fortunes from China's booming economy, what are the super rich and wealthy Chinese facing today?

The overall situation with the global lockdown and zero tolerance policy for Covid, the sharp slowdown of the Chinese economy, the political unpredictability and the inability to withdraw assets outside of China have today led to the fact that the Chinese are looking for ways to emigrate from their country.

Yes, the most money is concentrated in such a safe haven for them as Singapore. But the question is what to do with it all. Singapore is just a financial center for them. This city will not be able to accommodate everyone.

The growth of family offices in Singapore has led to a dramatic reduction in specialists in this area of client asset management. 1,000 pianos have been made, but there is no one to play them.

So the Chinese are forced to look for quiet harbors to live in. It is high time to think about creating the gated club-type enclaves, where people of the same social status could find the most comfortable conditions, both for personal residence and for business. Such club settlements should provide opportunities to do business and promote their internal investment projects.

Enclaves are the future of humanity, no matter how utopian this may sound. And enclaves for the super-rich are of the utmost necessity.

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Investing in enclaves is as an investment in the future

What Should Form the Basis of Enclaves?

Enclaves or specially built and gated communities for the wealthy must meet all the requirements and ideas of their residents for safety, service and lifestyle. We should not confuse luxury community with the concept of an enclave, the ones we are talking about.

The first is a safe location, as inaccessible to others as possible. Such places are now becoming fewer and fewer, and it is more and more difficult to find them. This should be vast tracts of land with the ability to build private villas.

The second is a security system that eliminates the slightest intrusion into the territory of the village as a whole, and on the territory of private villas. Typically, it is a set of measures, including armed guards, electronic monitoring of the territory, a system of protection against drones, impermeable from the outside armored windows, front doors, providing a level of protection against attacks, autonomous eco-system inside the villas, in case of chemical and biological attacks, autonomous water supply, their own bunker-shelter with panic-room, sufficient food supplies.

Unique infrastructure. This includes the community restaurant, club house with its own theater, SPA center, a private clinic and special service of private butlers, servants, cookers, gardeners and drivers. As an additional service, it includes a fleet of cars with drivers, a yacht, a private business jet and a helicopter.

For the autonomous supply of organic products, an agricultural farm has to be set up to supply products for both the private villas and the clubhouse restaurant.

Business structure. The ideal condition for the existence and functioning of the enclave should be a business club and its investment fund, which could function from the contributions of the inhabitants of such a settlement.

New Standard of Life Quality

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And, of course, an integral part of such a village is a new type of residences in terms of architecture, interior design and the surrounding landscape. The principles of constructing a living space must be fundamentally different.

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We have already considered in detail the principles of such a standard in the article Investments in Real Estate Different than the Market Offers

Let’s briefly list the main principles. The basis of the basics is the criteria of growth of the property value over years and independence of its sales value from the market conditions. Such real estate should only get more expensive over the years and the demand for it not only decreases, but increases over the years. Anything unique in the market does not have to wait for sales.

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Such principles for a new real estate concept include: -New of concept on the market; - uniqueness of architecture and interior design; - creation of visual effects, where the property is planned from the visual point of view to seem bigger than it is in reality; - transformation of real estate into an art object, where numerous objects of art are used, which increases its sales value; - low project implementation cost

All the above-mentioned conditions make the enclave idea as a priori novelty in the market and set a new trend in the real estate segment and a separate business niche.



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