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Hotel room design. Why hotels are so boring in design?

New vision for contemporary hotel design
New vision for contemporary hotel design

Is it possible to radically change the design of hotel rooms, giving individuality to the hotel? How to get away from boring and monotonous design? How to make designers work wonders without looking at the cost of the project. How to get unique hotels?

The major reason for monotonous design for hotels

It is the cost of a hotel room, the budget originally put into the project. This budget kills everything at the roots. No matter how hotels maintain their room stock, the life of the furniture is limited and, sooner or later, the owners have to replace everything and upgrade the design, keeping up with the times. It all depends on the budget. Otherwise, why are there so many morally obsolete hotels in the world, still keeping the same look for decades.

A great number of hotels are in need of renovation. Few hotel developers and owners even think seriously about the design and the concept of the hotel. Their first task is to keep within the budget and force architects and designers to draft an average level of design, which is accepted as a basis everywhere. Why make things up when they'll do just fine.

Aman Hotels
AMAN TOKIO HOTEL - Lobby design

Of course, there are ulta luxury hotels, such as the Aman, owned by billionaire Voronin. He invests a tremendous amount of money in them. But a room in such hotels costs accordingly, especially given the payback period of 10-15 years, which is the norm in the hotel business.

The second reason is a stereotype of thinking. Everything today in the world is down to mass production and mass design. Even the colours chosen by designers remain preserved by this stereotype: grey, beige, brown. Everything is kept in neutral without any frills. So we get this global impersonality.

But design is not about price, design is, first of all, about an Idea!

How to change the trends in hospitality business to develop new hotel room design?

Exckusive design for boutique hotels
Exckusive design for boutique hotels

First of all, for new vision of hotel room design we have to forget about stereotypes and do things differently. Of course, we are talking about boutique hotels, first of all, and high-class hotels. There is the same impersonality and monotony. But it is design and service that draws the consumer. If the price - quality factor is correct, there is no need to worry about the guests. Word of mouth spreads information much faster than the advertising paid.

In order to develop something really unusual and high quality, we need to be able to ignore the price and open the horizon for creativity, without paying attention to the price. Is this possible? Of course it is, if you know where to manufacture it.

Contemporary architecture and interior design in Marbella

If we could get a fundamentally different level of design for about the same budget, then the task may be accomplished. This is exactly what we are talking about.

Boutique hotels are one of our lines of activity, where we try to design hotels that are extraordinary in concept and design, and it is extremely difficult to find such hotels in the world. These projects are built as the only ones in the world. The idea plays the main role here.

The principle behind the concept lies in architecturally designing the space so that in the future, if the furniture is replaced, all other decor could be retained. If this décor also needs to be partially renewed, our know-how comes into play.

The main thing in the design of such projects is to use wood panelling. But this is where the main mystery lies. Modern hotels in Europe practically do not use panels or use them mainly for ceremonial areas such as the lobby or restaurant. The reason is the same: cost.

But, as mentioned above, we need not be interested in this issue if we are working within the framework of a designated project and still have the opportunity to use panels as a decorative element. The know-how is that in the process of renovation, we do not have to change everything, but only those elements of the panels in need of replacement.

Therefore, the manufacturing technology means that all the panels are assembled and disassembled like a LEGO constructor. No nails or glue. This not only makes it easy to replace the damaged parts, but also prevents manufacturing mistakes completely. If a room with these panels is fully assembled at production, all mistakes in manufacturing would be immediately visible and therefore fixed.

Hotel conceptual design

CARTIER ROOM in a boutique hotel

Combining conceptual design, architecture, interior design create the ultimate in uniqueness. There are very few people in the world capable of generating ideas, who are not afraid of fantasy and even more so of finding ways to implement those ideas.

For example, let's look at one of our conceptual designs with a budget commensurate with a typical hotel.

'Celebrities' Boutique Hotel

Each room is personalised and dedicated to famous brands or people. This in itself is almost impossible for a standard budget, but not for us. We know how to bring it about. Having our own factories helps us to keep the cost of production low.



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