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How design affects the value of property.

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

High end Interior design is a key part for sale price increase brinning the value to the property. There are several ways how to acheave that target.

If you are looking for ideas to start your own business in Europe and in Marbella particularly, we are your VIP concierge, it's worth reading this article to the end. The first rule for us is to offer only the ideas, the ones really work. The title of the article may sound intimidating. It's like putting on a play at a famous theater without being a director or a person far from theater in general. Yes and no! You don't have to stage a play. We already did that.

Best Interior Design in Marbella

In every article we repeat the same tenet. Never take the standard route, for a successful business you have to look for a niche, the one where there is no competition.

If you ask my advice where the treasury is, here’s my answer. I know a field of the industry where such niches are. They were there forever. It is luxury: goods and services, one of the most difficult, but also one of the most interesting niches.

Experience in High End Interior Design

There are two ways to get in. The first one is to spend 20 years and climb the steps to the top of this huge pyramid, gradually gaining experience. You have to learn from your own mistakes. I don't think that's the right path for you to accept today.

The second way is to have a good guide who has already entered in it and overcame the dangerous paths, he has already made his mistakes, had experience and received his reward. It is a reward to pass on his experience to the others. Doubtful thoughts? Not at all!

When preparing to climb Everest, you don't do it alone, do you? That's suicide, and you just die alone. You still have the same 2 ways: either you accept long and exhausting training for years or you hire a coach. He is your guide to Everest. Then you clearly follow his advice.

Any business is a climb up to Everest if we want to be the best in it, or at least not the last.

My long way opened up a lot of interesting ideas and introduced me to many famous people. Twenty-five years in this field gave me tremendous experience. What I once thought was a talent now becomes a craft.

I reveal one secret of my profession. I may do it now. Twenty-five years is enough time to work with clients. I helped them with their decor these many years. What is the most important thing for any client, regardless of his financial status? Right! It is the PRICE. This is where the biggest mystery lies.

Look at the finest interiors in London and see what the designers are doing there. They try to bring bespoke pieces for decoration. But that is the most expensive part. They use the bespoke items to add value! It's a big part of their fees too.

The market shows great competition and the designers have to go out of their way to create unique items, imposing this "bespoke" style on customers.

How to raise the value of property many times over?

Asia is a special world; business is built differently there. Even very rich people are used to know the price of their interior in advance. But there, they want to see the price based on a square meter, rather than going into details for each item or a designer's fee. What is unbelievable in Europe.

But it was exactly the point to show me another way. Many years I worked as a chief designer for several factories, creating furniture and accessory collections for them. I also made model villas for the high-end developers . With many, we are now good partners. Over the years, many things are clear. I may predict the cost "by eye" and allow myself to enjoy the freedom thinking of no production cost. It turns out to be predictable anyway. This is the know-how.

I was lucky when working in Asia. Bespoke for me is the many pieces of furniture and interiors I have come up with over the years. Those unique workshops are not visible in the market as they do projects by recommendations. Typically, these factories work for billionaires. There are very few of them!

But that makes a discovery to keep the cost low and still get luxury.

When I call the price, I don't let the customer change virtually anything if he wants to pay the quoted amount. I explain to him that bespoke style brings him new price probably going up several times. The questions instantly fall away. Believe me, no one wants to overpay, and that much. It's not required, there are plenty of ideas at hands.

If you explore our website and read our magazine, you make the discovery to understand that we have everything to do your home really one-of-a-kind with any style without going into bespoke. Now, hopefully, it becomes clear why you need a guide.

Let's get ready to climb Everest.

I give you a business idea.

Today the real estate market is in complete disarray, especially in luxury segment. In the pursuit of profit, the developers are trying to squeeze the maximum out of the project. How they do it.

First, they select more or less typical projects (the work of an architect is very high in Europe) and adapt it to a particular plot of land, changing the configuration slightly. The result looks is a new design of the house. That's why modern architecture I call the "box style" is so impersonal. The only difference is the number of square meters. The land is expensive, you have to build a maximum of allowed square meters to keep the profits high. In Spain, the footage of the house includes everything: outdoor and indoor terraces, basement and all the actual living space itself. But, construction costs are different like day and night.

The sales price includes average square meter! At the same time they need to keep the sales prices within the market range. So it turns out that there is too little left for the design itself and the interior decoration. That is why a false notion of luxury is imposed on the market.

Their luxury is the house in a good location, minimalism in decor (there is simply no money for design) and size.

Again, the same stale bread! But a true luxury requires exclusivity, it does not tolerate fuss, the details are the most important thing! Square meters are not so much important, uniqueness, comfort and aesthetics have to take place and priority. We need "Wow" effect but it's too long, complicated and tedious.

And now, after such a long libretto, the most important thing! If we stay focused on the exceptional type of interiors making them as masterpieces, if we keep the cost low without compromising the quality, then that means we get the design significantly raises the price of such a property, making it truly unique. We get another level of property.

Collectible property is worth other money!

I show you an example of what design can do. Let’s borrow some from my design library.

Here's an example of a living room. What do I do there? Remember, we don't think about the cost of decoration, it is always within the range we want!

Luxury interior design

First, we create very expensive atmosphere and it's extremely important. Everything plays for that. Dividing in zones gives us a sense of privacy, the courtyard at the back brings a sense of security, easy tones of upholstery brings us peace to the tastefully chosen furniture and accessories. We create a picture of luxury! That is the art of doing luxury. How did we achieve that? You had to look! It's the artist's talent and intuition.

Now, let’s change the decoration without changing any floor plan.

Luxury interiors. Renovation of old villas

How about that now?

Why invest in luxury real esate?

And finally, we do a complete change.

Best luxury villas. Interior design

This little example shows us the wonder of transformation. What we really have in front of us is true luxury. The luxury is just in front of us!


And now, let’s show something sensational. If you understood the basic why we talk about Design (with a capital letter) so much, then one important idea becomes obvious. It turns out that only design may give uniqueness to the property.

The idea and its implementation through design may get a collectible class of property.

It means, we need ideas for exceptional projects. Then we can do anything: private villas, a restaurant, and much more! Are we limited with anything? Not at all, we are limited only with our imagination. Pay attention we give the property on a turnkey basis, the customer does not need to buy anything! Everything, absolutely everything is included. And even a bottle of champagne in the fridge and everything for reasonable money.

Are we limited when working with European factories? Yes to everything! Many of the ideas they just cannot make, the cost of bespoke is too much high, to order, the production time discourages us from doing the project. That is the conclusion. That's why European luxury residential projects dropped into the level of ordinary 3 and 4-star hotels, that's why the pursuit of square meters, that's why the economy of everything, that's where the impersonality.

Can you find a similar project where the rate of return is at least 30-50% or higher? We doubt you do! Miracles do not happen, there are well-thought-out projects.

More over, the investment in your own home may even cost you 2-3 million Euro, with its market value of 15 million or more! This is reality, not a publicity stunt. We know how to do it.


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