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Updated: Dec 9, 2022

The story is absolutely incredible. It is the story of creating a unique concept for a business in a very small niche, where there is no competition or the undesirable. There, just your own circle of like-minded people. That's the beauty of the idea, going beyond the standards, soaring above the hustle and bustle.

Best interior design in Marbella. Villa constuction

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If there are no analogues, then such an idea makes a niche itself. We generate this niche in our mind. There are very few ideas in the world. But an idea is where it all begins. There is a lot of money around. We need real projects, not just daydreams in order of getting capital security. We are engaged in real projects and are far from stocks and crypto. Once we find our niche, we want to stay in and reign in it as long as possible. Everything that is not in the niche: competition and mass consciousness will sooner or later lead to deplorable results.

Having chosen one of the most interesting ideas for us and one of the most difficult niches, we enter the world of creativity of unique IDEAS.

Each of us has had a success in life, in our own business before. Someone was in finance and banking business, someone made a career as an architect, some selected to be a lawyer, someone wanted to bring the level of design to astronomical heights or plunged into the world of antiques.

We all know each other many years otherwise the team would not be possible. Each of us is self-sufficient and brings the unique experience aboard. We have become the like-minded.

First of all, because we are all aesthetes, all of us are captivated by the idea of non-standard business and non-standard marketing to be together. If there is such a talent to create ultimate ideas, then we have to use it.

So, we generate ideas and bring them into life. We’ve chosen Marbella to express ourselves, we live here, meaning of taking responsibility for everything we offer. Our reputation plays its dominant role in it. Each of us has a profession related to real estate.

The goal is to rethink completely the very concept of luxury property, to rethink investment in real estate. We are able to show a different world for our clients, whether they wish to be with us just to buy a property or prefer staying as long-term investors. We generate ideas for people who are looking for a business in another country, who want to move here and stay or who have already moved in and lost without knowing what to do.

Of course, there has to be someone who brings ideas. My partner is a famous person.

The history of his family goes back to centuries. It is a man from the world of European aristocracy - Prince George Yourievsky, a direct descendant of Emperor Alexander II and Princess Catherine, the only living great-grandson of the Russian Emperor in the male line.

It happened with this man, I decided to share my ideas and open an Investment Club in Marbella, the one able to offer non-standard solutions to the market. Having invited all the professionals we needed, we got a solid structure for creating and implementing projects. Yes, that's right? We are talking about that level.

They say that all brilliant things are simple. But try to create this simplicity. Sometimes it takes a lifetime. So we decided to brighten up our last phase of life with a very beautiful business, starting with our own flagship project.

Very soon, the market shares this information, there’s no way to hide such a project, but that’s the very project made Prince George to move from prosperous Switzerland to Marbella to implement it together with me.

We decided to put the Prince and our headquarters in one of the most beautiful locations on the coast, La Zagaleta, and bring new fresh ideas to this long-established urbanization.

Being involved in design for more than 25 years in different fields, we decided to turn one of the villas into such a place, our headquarters, closer to our flagship project.

It is only dedicated to people, who really are opened working with us as a client or an investor. The door is opened to get in for them. There, all those secrets that serve the success of our business are hidden behind seven seals. If we set the ambitious goals, mentioned above, we just have to have a true example of those. At the moment, the villa is under a complete renovation and transformation into a collectable property, where all the required criteria must be.

I am fortunate that the Prince is a collector. His antique collections help to create a remarkable atmosphere of unity between the present and the past. Thus, one of the areas can be turned into a private museum of porcelain, which he inherited from the time of Emperor Alexander II. The idea of a spectacular interior has already taken shape. It will require incredible skill on the part of the craftsmen in the production. The interiors of the entire headquarters and private residence of the Prince will become a true interior museum. The landscape around the villa will be a perfect example of a non-standard approach to the very notion of landscape design. We replace a boring pool concept with a swimming lake, draping it in a lace of greenery, we divide the garden into chamber areas with zones of rest and solitude, and finally get away from the design, which I call "the lawn design": with simply cut grass surrounded by trees and flowers. If we are talking about unconventional ideas, these ideas really have to be unconventional.

To make a journey through different styles, the planning will be broken up so that the transformation of the styles goes smoothly and unnoticed by first-time visitors. This will be a perfect example of how the mix of styles works at home. And the main thing here is taste and a sense of proportion, something that has always been inherent for the aristocrats.

And then, there, in the silence of the cozy office and the Prince’s personal area (if he lets us be invited into his house), we could quietly discuss all the issues without unnecessary prying eyes. We have plenty of one-of-a-kind and ambitious ideas and projects to start your own business, buy a villa (collectible property for yourself) or to receive a passive income, when working with us.

We adhere to a philosophy of boutique service and share the slogan - "Not for Everybody" We could not afford to be for everyone. We have our own niche and that's where we prefer to stay.



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