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Ideas in Real Estate Investment in Marbella

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

This story, no matter how paradoxical it may sound, is very true. Nothing here is made up. It is a story about what could be done with an interior to make the world talks about the uniqueness of such property. A newsbreak like this gets a lot of PR and social media interest. Journalists all over the world are chasing such scoops.

The story makes sensation.

High end homes for Marbella

Interiors to be changed four times a year.

Let’s imagine that to make it done, the transformation would not require any overpaid expenses, the original budget is still untouchable. This idea is similar to getting a collectible property, with a market value of at least 15 million Euros but we get it for, say, 2 million only. We have already written about this in the articles "How to find your own business in Marbella" and "Collectible Property".

If you missed this opportunity, I highly suggest you to go back and read them.

The idea I want to tell you could work for private and public interiors, for example a restaurant or a hotel lobby.

It is absolutely realistic to change the interior 4 times a year. For example, we want to follow the change of nature seasons. And we do that with no additional cost. To come up with such an idea, you need great imagination, you need talent, and it is available to a select few.

Do you know why I safely share these ideas in the articles? Because there’s no way make them done by anybody. You still have to come to the creator to do such projects together. I am completely serious and confident about this.

Whatever the talents have on mind requires to be made. But to find the right manufacturer is not easy, there are really only a few of them. That’s exactly the point and the type of projects we show to the market. We don't need the others, if we could do what most of people are not able to do, why should there be any other alternative? Don't believe us?

Then listen up and follow us on this fascinating journey.

The basic value of the interior is in the cost of carpentry, floors and walls, depending on how they are decorated and what materials are used. Furniture and other decorative items are important, but only to enhance the effect, they do not add value. If we decide to sell the property, this keeps the decisive factor in its price.

Let's imagine that we enter a large hall, say 100 square meters. For my idea, you need some space to feel the drama. Here's what's going to happen.

We look at the wall panels with large wildflowers in an ultra modern style interior. The vertical lines of fluted mirrors are framed with ebony wood. The refraction of light creates a fairy-tale looking-glass effect.

But the secret lies in the manufacturing technique, and it is really unique. We must make this only by hand and the artisans to be with great experience.

The laboriousness of such works can scare away anyone.

But not us! We know how to make it and spent enough time and money on testing, having made more than 2 dozen of samples to understand the secret. Once seen in a museum, we were overwhelmed with the idea to create the similar one in technique. You must agree that this is worth a lot.

The circular panorama of wildflowers woven into intricate composition, transition of colors creates a wonderful mood of a summer meadow or a just-blooming spring garden. It is hand embroidered with thick silk or chenille and it’s the unforgettable colorful picture. Add to this the sounds of nature and easy music.

But the most important thing is how the background is made. The space between the embroidered design is filled with tiny glass tubes, the beads, hollow inside, selected by color and transparency, so that we get the unexpected effect, the original one was conceived.

If we stand in the middle of the room, facing the frames with the wildflowers, and then turn smoothly around our axis and continue to glance over the walls, we suddenly see that effect. The beam of light follows exactly our movement, creating a fish scale effect, shimmering with all the colors.

And now, let's turn on the remote control mode for replacing the panels and change everything to see autumn. A slight rustle of movement, the frames are replaced with the previous ones. The yellow riot of autumn colors, snow-white birches, touched with autumn gold in all its glory. But the technique is different. Now fine silk makes the effect of shimmering light, reflecting differently from each area of the new panels. We bring compositions of yellow flowers to put along the walls to get a diorama effect.

The images on the panel are made in 3D technique. In combination, this effect is even enhanced.

Closer to Christmas, change the interior once again, and in place of autumn there we see the intertwined tree branches, studded with snow, sparkling under the rays of the sun or electric light. The whole composition is as if a lace with the finest silver threads, it brings us these incredible shimmers, the illusion of snow. Put up a Christmas tree, dressing it in a snow-white outfit, and we have a New Year's fairy tale. And most importantly, we know how to make all this beauty at a cost comparable to the cost of ordinary luxury decoration. Price does matter! If we may get such beauty why agree to compromise?

If the property applies such frills, do they make it exceptional? Undoubtedly! Does it increase the sales and market price? Without any comments! The property of that level becomes collectible by definition.

That means another idea for the business. With the talent of a decorator, any property could be turned into a masterpiece. The only and the very important condition to increase the market price is a decent location, the one where we see similar price range.

Investment club is able to give the second life for old property, and a new opportunity to the investors: the profit not available in the industry in case if you just resell without improvement.

For our partners we show how to do it. By the way, the transformable interior we mentioned above could be seen in our office. This is not an invented story, this is an elaborate idea, visually realized and ready to be shown in details.



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