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Investment Projects in Real Estate. Going beyond the ordinary

Updated: Dec 9, 2022


After reading the title of this article, many people probably have their first feeling of disappointment. Is it still another clinic? And is it a unique project? Of course not, it's not all that primitive. There has to be a mystery. Otherwise, as we always repeat, it could not be an Investment Club project, which means there is no analogue and something out of the ordinary is being offered.

The idea that came to mind was born quite accidentally, but many years ago. We decided to pay attention to it only now, because it perfectly fits the Investment Club's philosophy: to give only projects with a unique concept, preferably ones that have no match to the market. I intentionally called the article that way to begin the intrigue. The clinic is just a small part of a big concept, but it's the big part. You will soon see why. Read to the end.


Retirement for the rich


Everybody will come or have come to the age that characterizes the last period of our lives on this beautiful planet, beyond which there is no future for us anymore. We have been or are still successful in life. It seems to us that it will always be so, until our last hour, before the light of heaven fades. But is it really so?

The world is illusory and our expectations may not match reality. As we age, many of us become weaker, hateful diseases come, health battles begin, and life values change. Many things change! The youth of the next generations is breathing down our backs, they are pushing each other as we once did, they want to move forward, they want their place, success, fame, money. In very many cases, even kinship does not save from the fact that with the external prosperous picture, we remain needed in our old age.

Retirement projects for super rich

Hemingway, having lived his life, came to the conclusion and realization of what a person approaches his old age with. He has a growing sense of loneliness and sadness. "If you have stopped doing some things just for pleasure, consider that you are no longer living"

All my life doing luxury, it occurred to me to study, and what is going on in the world, how in general can end their last years, not lonely geniuses, they will work until their eyes close, but the majority. Those people who have had the means all their lives, those who have been able to pass on their fortunes to their children, enough for their careers. I was interested in the category for which retirement homes are created. How they live there, how they feel, and what this business industry is all about.

Retirement As a Business Idea

The most expensive and prestigious nursing homes are in America, Florida. As the press says and as one can judge from the websites, everything is created there to meet old age with dignity. But is this really the case, or is it again an imposition of certain standards?

It is stereotypes to be that way!

Luxury villas and landscaping

I guess my unconventional approach and eternal desire for perfectionism played a role in rethinking the idea in this category of business again.

The long years of working with luxury could not help but leave their mark. Studying this industry, I catch myself thinking that in reality in this area the same thing happens as in expensive real estate. There's an imposition of standards, which means there's a niche there.

Doing things differently is a way. And then, reasoning out what I myself would want if I were in the shoes of the expensive guests at those establishments, I come up with the idea of this business.

I would like that the quality of life for me would not change in old ages as much as possible. I'm not talking about material things, although that too is worth talking about. I'm talking about preserving the inner world that surrounded me. I would very much like to keep my interest in life,

communication, acquaintance with beauty, for someone to take care of my health professionally, my nutrition, for someone to be able to give me something that we are deprived of in our old age: a new state of peace of mind and necessity. And most importantly, so that I would finally not have to think about maintenance or the problems associated with it.

Do you say that all of these are provided by retirement industry? Then try to find such a place!

Another Look at Retirement Business

I think otherwise. This is how this project was born, where the level of care is off the charts. Yes, unfortunately, to provide such care, you need money, and not small money, while the concept of money is different for everyone. What is a little money or a lot of money? It's a subjective thing. But if we are still talking about luxury services, the idea that came up for this project is very attractive to a huge number of older people nationwide.

Retirement Homes as Business

The uniqueness here, in addition to providing an incredibly high standard of living, is that you pay once to get it all and forget about money altogether forever. What's the most important thing at this age?

Health. If you don't have it, you have no interest in life and all the luxuries that are created around you. That's why cell therapy. This secret to prolonging life is based on stopping cell mutation - the main enemy that causes disease and shortens our lives.

Everyone wants to live longer, but live as healthy as possible. This is the main secret of medicine. We know how to combine all this in one place and make the clients' stay not only worthy, but to revive their declining life, filling it with new colors.

The project, as always, is highly cost-effective. The only disadvantage is that it cannot be done on a mass scale. We can make only 30-50 people happy, but give them something they may not have had, even at their young age. Although, given its uniqueness, all the same idea of a franchise arises, to sell then the project to other countries and regions, repeating all the details, but limiting the number of people, thereby giving the project a boutique class.

This is a project that will allow the investor to earn over 15 years, at least very good money. Such a project, as always, has our know-how! High Margin in Investment Business

Best retirement projects for investment

To ask people to pay a lot more than the industry does, you have to have a product that is not available on the market, but its value remains highly visible. The market, as in the case of expensive real estate, has nothing to offer; templates and standards in everything paralyze the brain, preventing it from making a discovery.

If a person will clearly see and realize what benefits he can get, how bright and fulfilling his life can be, if there are no pitfalls in such an offer, and he gets incredible things for his money, what is the point of hoarding money at this age?

What could they serve? Charity? Yes! These people have been doing it all their lives anyway. The commodity we offer is a personal commodity, it's for them personally. It will make the last phase of life beautiful. Does price matter here, if one's own life is at stake and if that price is an insignificant amount of money? Certainly an insignificant amount for a certain class of people! What then?

And then the question arises, what is the solution? And the solution is to get a Life Resort, yes a resort, not a nursing home, with its terrible name, or to agree to play an endless spectacle of decency with your family members, who do not need you anymore. They need you, of course, but not enough to give you all their time. And then, I'm not talking about all cases. There are many exceptions in life, 30-50 clients at most, that’s what we need for this project.

In this project, you have to study numbers and visualization

Still, let's list what goes into the concept of the resort rather than a nursing home.

Retirement property as a business model

A resort area implies an exceptional level of accommodation in the property, which we may call a collection, the whole range of services: from a unique restaurant with individual fine meals, to a special European and Asian type SPA complex designed specifically for the age group of people.

Emotions are important at this age, they are so lacking. Therefore, in the SPA complex there are special rooms for non-surgical face-lift, massage, done by gurus of Oriental medicine, beauty salon will take care of your appearance for life, the cell therapy procedures will return energy.

Its own theater will give unforgettable evenings and fill the world with music, opera, plays, informative lectures, meetings with interesting people.

They have Incredible restaurant, capable of changing the interior several times a year - a place for special evenings and gastronomic performances.

They have a private park with fountains and stages to enjoy open air performances. And a lot of things to be discovered once we take a close look at the business plan of this project.

There is something to surprise. There are many ideas on how to turn a banal nursing home into a luxury SPA resort for life.


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