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Marbella Investment Ideas

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Investing in Luxury Real Esate

For me, Marbella was and remains a mystery, a world of glamour and luxury, a city of private yachts and huge money. What is the mystery when we talk about the restaurant business in this city? There are many simple restaurants for every day with very unassuming menus in general. Many, unable to withstand the pandemic and lockdown, have closed, and many, apparently, would be closed.

But, even long before the pandemic, was the situation different? Why are there no interesting conceptual restaurants, unique in terms of decoration, memorable, the press could write about. We are not talking about commercial advertisement passed off as editorials, but that kind that journalists all over the world are always chasing.

In Marbella, tourists flock from all over the world, to rest, buy property for temporary or permanent residence. It is a city of hidden investors. Why hidden, because when you come to another country, it is very difficult to find a new business for yourself. Things that many people are used to, such as renting homes or renting offices, owning parking lots or gas stations, mass construction, sport clubs or beauty salons: they do not work well here and most places are still long gone.

Faced with competition, in most cases, the new businessmen give up and settle for a quiet and measured life, at best, buying another beauty salon for his wife and for her girlfriends or just the place, so that she has somewhere to go to groom herself.

Is a Restaurant a Good and Profitable Business in Marbella?

As for restaurants, everything is even more prosaic. As a rule, they buy, after much searching and deliberation, a functioning outlet, and it becomes again one of the many, rather impersonal places for leisure activities, may be also for their friends and acquaintances. We know many examples of those.

Do a research in Internet to know the kinds of business to open in Marbella. All, the same thing, and it all doesn't work. Why is that? Because we are in the West, the competition is here for a long time, and it is not easy to struggle with it.

What to do? Accept a dull, but contented life and continue to vegetate, or look for a niche. A niche business has a great promise. If it is found, you are the first there to win.

Now back to the restaurant business. Is there any niche left there? The answer is yes. I don’t raise the question of why there are no unique restaurants in Marbella. I think I know the answer. Not because there is no need for them, but simply because you need a lot of creativity to build a concept for such a restaurant, a unique interior, a good menu and cost is high to be special with no match.

Marbella is a small town. For a restaurant, in the world, the main thing is uniqueness and a good cuisine. But how do you get it? And most importantly, it will cost exorbitant money with, no hope of getting the investment back, and the daily routine of survival begins.

If there is no solution, there is no article about this issue

There must be some secret how to do it in a way to ensure a deliberate flow of visitors, to create a magnet for them, when customers are just obliged to come to your restaurant again and again.

Don't believe me? Then listen to this secret. Of course, we'll only give you a glimpse of it. If you find the idea interesting, come over and we talk about it in details. This is one of our "secret" projects that we developed for our investors.

You don't have to think about the concept, the design, the uniqueness, no need to look for a chef, you don't have to pay for it. We have already thought of everything. Here’s the idea.

Imagine that your children, relatives and acquaintances, as well as their relatives and their acquaintances would start telling you about a certain attraction in Marbella, where for 19 Euros, you are able to spend the whole day, get plenty of emotions, relax, listen to music, some useful information for self education, join art exhibitions or watch a theatrical performance. What would you say?

No, it's not a zoo, don't worry and it's not a recreational park like the Marble Park in central Marbella. It's all corny.

Your restaurant is located in the center of tourism, where the whole of Europe flocks. Walking around for half a day at least, would people go hungry? Undoubtedly! In the enclosed space, where will they go? Only to you, there is no other alternative.

No waiting any longer. The last picture you have to imagine!

We are in a unique green area, a park of musical fountains and mosaics, where each composition is theatrical scaffolding. You may organize various entertainment and performances. We watch play of lights, music, laser show by night. A miniature city for children with a funny name "Frog City", where children may swim together with them in the pool, a quartet of frogs plays jazz on the square, they may enter into each house and meet a new character, play with them in the police office, visit their fire station, splash around with them in the fountains. We are not talking about the banal fountains that overflow city squares.

Let me give you just one example to intrigue you. One of the places is a huge panel of blue marble with translucent jellyfish, water cascades rushing down to the music, creating the effect of a real waterfall. The whole composition is buried in the greenery of the park. Euphoria and emotions are there. Evening illumination intensifies the drama creating a sense of unreality All the artistic works are made according to sketches of the famous artists. There is no match of such a park in the world. The only one is Gaudi park in Barcelona. But here is a fundamentally different approach!

And your restaurant is right in the middle of this spectacle of water, light and music. And that's just part of the story. Do you want to hear more about it and understand how you may get it for business? This is where our “know-how” works again. It’s just an unusual way of looking at things. Lets make an appointment and get splash of new emotions from watching the whole play. This is a play in two acts. In the meantime, intermission.


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