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Is it worth building a new villa or buying a ready-made one?

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

How is it relevant in general to consider whether to spend time building a new villa or just find a suitable option of a ready-made property and buy it, instead of 2 years of getting a lot of problems and ruining your nervous system?

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The simplest answer is this. It all depends on who is building, what is building, and for what purposes. What are the objectives? In this article we would talk only about the elite real estate, in which you will have to invest a lot of money. Even if you buy a ready-made villa, you will still have to adjust it to your taste. A lot of things will not please the new owner. What is happening on the market today cannot meet the consumer’s requirement.

However, buyers are obliged to accept what the market offers. And the market offers standardization in architecture and interior décor. Competition and the desire to maximize profits force developers to minimize costs on everything. The industry's profit margin has its own standard. They get their 15-20% profit at best. So even if a buyer finds a villa to his liking, still he would have to change a lot and incur additional expenses, adopting it on their own, or inviting a designer.

The second question, which clearly faces the buyer, is the liquidity of such real estate. What will happen to the price if he decides to sell it sooner or later?

It is quite another matter, if there is a question of investment in the villa. For the time being the main issue is the question of liquidity and maximizing profits.

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Let's see what we can get in the market, and how much it might cost. One of the most important criteria for the price of real estate is its location. Let's start with the most expensive real estate locations to be the standard of luxury and a trend in the market for everyone without exception. There are few examples.

Villa 1 11,900,000 Euro, 1,947 m² gross floor area, of which 500 m² terraces, 3,412 m² plot

Villa 2 15,000,000 Euro, total area 1,380 m², of which 300 m² are terraces, plot 6,784 m²

Villa 3 9,000,000 Euro, gross area 2,055 m², including 500 m² terraces, plot 8,612 m²