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Luxury Furniture manufacturers in China

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

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Typing on Internet "Luxury furniture in China", you may find everything but not what we are looking for. All the manufacturers vied with each other to talk about their beautiful furniture.

What’s the reality, and is it worth buying furniture from China?

Like any other, the furniture industry can break your head. The basis of the Chinese furniture market is copies of furniture from well-known European brands. Leading the way here, of course, is Italy. For the Chinese, Italy is the benchmark for quality and style. In many cases, the Chinese do not understand the difference. Everything from Europe is Italy. That's the mentality.

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The market is flooded with copies of Bentley and Fendi. And if the first line of copies is a copy of the original, the factories at a lower level, just copy from the copy. As a result the market is flooded with a huge number of copies for every purse.

It raises the question of how things are really in the luxury industry and what the super-rich Chinese buy. The paradox is that with China's centuries-old tradition of making really high-quality furniture, the Chinese simply do not have a well-developed furniture design industry. In addition, the huge competition in the furniture market simply does not leave time for creativity. Therefore, the easiest way is to copy.

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The second problem is the mentality. For China, the expressions such as “almost good, almost on time and almost like the original” is the norm. Many factories think they produce great products for the money they ask for. You want even better, buy the originals and prepare to pay several times the price. But is this true?

We will not be interested in the subject of copying. The subject of our consideration is the market opportunities for the production of unique furniture, which fully meets the requirements of the luxury category.

There are such productions, but they are not many. As a rule, European designers work there and provide European quality control. One of these factories was recently joined the LUXURY WORLD, the goods from China of the highest quality.

First of all, all the designs are created only by European designers. There is no equivalent on the market, which puts LUXURY WORLD in a very special business niche. The platform offers true luxury at affordable price. New technologies are tested and put into production, old Chinese recipes for the production of color varnishes are brought back to life, experimental models are made, bespoke designs from leading interior designers are fulfilled.

These kinds of factories are very carefully selected and invited to the LUXURY WORLD. Nowadays, what is offered to the international market is beyond the capabilities of most of the factories in China.

Consequently, the requirements that we have for the manufacturers leave out 90-95% of all the factories in China. What is LUXURY WORLD quality furniture?

Bespoke and custom made furniture

The first is the uniqueness of the design. It should be only new models of furniture, not available on the market.

The second is the quality of workmanship, which can compete with the best examples of Italy and France.

If a consumer is looking for real quality, unique design and at the same time affordable price for luxury, it is useless to scan the market looking for such factories. As a rule, such factories are small, from 600-800 people by Chinese standards.

They cannot make mass production, but they perfectly fill a very narrow luxury niche and work for the local elite, fulfilling custom orders. One of the leading factories is owned by Luxury World, so you can find everything you need for fine interiors. Furniture, paneling and every level of millwork, both bespoke and from the annual collections, cater to the most discerning of tastes.

Stand out is the new collection "Hidden World", which presents more than 200 models of furniture, selected the ideal compositions to show how to use them and combine with each other. Moreover, European designers have compiled a catalog of luxury interiors, where you can see the models from all the collections.

Luxury contemporary furniture collections from Luxury World Wide

But that is not all. Can we find and order furniture of the bespoke level in Europe? We are not talking about antiques or vintage furniture. There's plenty of that on numerous marketplaces.

We're talking about modern furniture trends, items that could become collector's items tomorrow? And at the same time, we want to get them twice as cheap as in Europe. So in China it is possible. The Luxury World team spent 25 years to learn how to understand all the intricacies and puzzles of Chinese production, to discover such unique factories, the analogue of which is simply not available in Europe.

Bespoke furniture manufacturing

Today, in China the luxury industry is still flourishing, and therefore, luxury goods are in demand, while Europe is slipping more and more to the minimalistic forms. They are easier and cheaper to be made.



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