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Luxury Real Estates to be built for Chinese Billionaires

Enclaves for the rich are a new trend in the real estate and investment industry. Today, at a time of great turbulence for the whole world, when humanity is facing problems that no one had thought of before, the basic question of the security of life in general arises. The frightening trend of capital flight from many countries of the world in search of a safe haven for life will sooner or later lead to the formation of the gated enclaves in which security will come first. Depending on their social status, such enclaves still have to address the main issue of security of living in them.

China’s billionaires want to flee the country

Creating a Chinese enclave for billionaires

Luxury property for the wealthy for Marbella enclaves

Emigration and capital flight

Let's look at the statistics on the emigration of millionaires in the world, using the first ten countries as an example.

Among the leaders are Russia, China, Hong Kong and India. It would seem that even such a safe haven as the UK is losing capital and is facing the problem of millionaires. The article will focus on capital flight from China, because the Chinese clients are of direct interest to the Investment Club in Spain. This is the first club of its kind for real estate investors, a generator of unusual ideas and promoter of the creation of enclaves for the rich. Investment Club stands apart in the market, offering unique investment projects with no match in the industry.

Enlargement of the overseas Chinese diaspora

Since our great experience in the Chinese market allows us to highlight this market and analyze the opportunities and needs of investors in terms of emigration, we can identify the main reasons for the flight of wealthy Chinese from the country.

Why are Wealthy Chinese re-locating abroad? There are several reasons.

1. Chinese citizens are fed up with Covid lockdowns

They were not be able to leave the country at all during those 3 years. Many investors who have their companies abroad lose control over them for a long time.

2. Millionaires want to secure their money as the Chinese economy is facing problems.

A sharp slowdown in China's economy is a negative indicator for domestic investment. The economy is not stable and risks of investment are increasing.

3. Pessimistic approach to Xi's prolonged reign Chinese politics seems unstable for the rich.

4. Higher costs of living in China's cities. Prices rise from 20% to 40% depending on the region.

5. SeekingfornativeEnglisheducation

The richest in China, Jack Ma

It's getting harder and harder to leave China, even as record numbers head for the exits - The Globe and Mail

All this inevitably leads to an increase in the size of the Chinese diaspora in the world. While the U.S. used to have the largest number of Chinese immigrants, today the geography has changed. In addition to Australia and Singapore, more and more Chinese are looking toward Europe.

Spain as one of the quietest havens for Chinese emigration attracts Chinese clients for many reasons. This quick legalization in the country through the purchase of so-called golden residence (minimum real estate investment of not less than 500,000 Euros) or purchase of Spanish citizenship (investment in the economy not less than 2 million Euros). But not only that. Spain has little support for refugees, the Mediterranean coast such as Marbellais the world resort, where security plays a major role

The number of Chinese millionaires is set to grow from 6.2 million in 2021 to 12.2 million by 2026. According to statistics, more than a third of Chinese millionaires want to leave China.

China’s billionaires want to flee the country

Many wealthy Chinese think about emigrating for a number of reasons related to their personal or social life. Moving is always associated with various kinds of difficulties. These include arranging a new home for the family, preparing for children education, adapting to the peculiarities of the national culture, the language of another country, and security.