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How to Invest in Real Esate in Marbella.

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

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Paradise has its address.

This phrase came to my mind at random this morning and made me to sit down again and write this article. It is not about the beauty Marbella or how good it is to live here. It's about something else.

It is about people with a special kind of mind, those who are used to lifetime action, searching, setting goals, solving problems. It's about the nature of entrepreneurs. They have their way, the movement forward is their medicine of youth. "Makropulos' Means" (a beautiful fairy tale by the Czech playwright Karel Čapek, 1922) The story is built on the fact that a Royal physician of Emperor Rudolf II (Habsburg) invented the elixir of immortality, which allows you to live 300 years.

But this fantasy has a downside. Each person has his own elixir that gives him the magical power to create. Creators and scientists live much longer than everyone else, their elixir of immortality is in the process itself, in movement, in thoughts. They make the brain work all the time, and this work leads to this result. If we don't train the brain, it simply shuts us down for lack of use. This theory is not new, and it is supported by many scientists who work with brain.

The ideas give birth to our brain cells. It becomes a destiny for us, the brain perceives the passionate desire to pursue their realization as a special mission. It is put in it by the God; this program cannot turn us off until this mission is accomplished.

It is during such processes that mysterious transformations of thought materialization take place. All this exists and works. Simply, we are weak people, we are subject to mood swings, depressions, doubts, we are overwhelmed with negative thoughts. The secret, however, lies in thinking positively and in the fact that the desire to achieve the goal should not be overheated by excessive zeal and constant destructive self-eating. This is the only way magic works.

I have always been obsessed with doing projects that no one has done before me. One of my Eastern clients once said that I could build a golden Rolls Royce. It could take me years, believing that there would always be a buyer. And if I manage to sell it, the gain is not commensurate with all those, as it seemed to others, years wasted.

To paraphrase that thought, we come to the realization that the truth is somewhere in the middle. Everyone has their own Rolls Royce, they must have one, because that thought, leading to self-actualization and it helps us to live. To get something, you have to wish something!

Almost everyone moving to Marbella is tormented by the same question. What is there to do, except enjoying sun and sea? At first, they are always on an active search, usually brainstorming with their friends and acquaintances, getting fired up about something, then thinking long and hard, and in the end, most are resigned and do nothing, continuing to live on the dividends of a past life, and so remain in the past.

There is one problem here. It is the most difficult thing for active people to find a new idea for a new business. Everything is different, new people, new mores, new ways of doing things, new market. It's very easy to get lost. A lot of people don't have their own guide at the right time in their life.

It was a little easier for me here. My profession is the COUNTRY OF IDEA. I am used to working with them, they are part of my life, they help me survive and work in any country. I traveled all around the world, I spent a solid part of my life in Asia. Marbella won me over because it is a great place to do business, there are always a lot of tourists here, the seaside always attracted people, and not only tourists. There is a lot of hidden businesses here. The southern sun is relaxing and makes you put things off until tomorrow. We gradually get sucked into this way of life and miss out on great opportunities.

I brought together my friends, each of whom had a different life, they had their own business. Some were in the financial and banking, some of them were in investment and antiques. My rare profession to create ideas, which nowhere else is taught, and I have my parents and the Lord God to thank for the fact that this rare gift was given to me, does not give me peace to sit idly by when there are so many interesting opportunities and so many non-standard ideas.

We created our Investment Club, united like-minded people and friends, worked out some unique projects in details, chose one of the most ambitious and difficult tasks to create that figurative golden Rolls Royce to sell it. In the process of forming this, several interesting ideas for business, for non-standard investments were born, which we decided to share with great business enthusiasts: with active people, with entrepreneurs who are looking for their business here as either private investors or want to run their own business.

The safety of a business and its success are guaranteed when it is in a small niche. The others do not see it. This is the first "know-how"

If there is a wish, there is always a solution. Read our articles, we cover a lot of topics there. There are many non-standard, interesting and unique solutions with no match on the market. There are hidden niches, the ones we see. We do real estate business, no shares or crypto currencies. This is not our theme.

We selected the most ambitious field and we are enthusiastic about it. The mesmerizing action of such an idea gives us the strength and awareness of our great mission on earth (as lofty as it sounds, but that's exactly what it is) to find paradise while we are still alive, not after.

Our paradise has its address!


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