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Signature style.

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Business ideas in Marbella. The most expensive house.

The article we decided to write is not exactly conventional. It is a fantasy of a theme, an idea.

Best Villa design for Marbella
Villa on teh Lake Project

Thinking about the real estate market in Marbella and its satellite towns, which are still perceived by tourists as Marbella historically, such as Benahavis and Estepona, and more precisely about its narrow segment, luxury real estate, it is striking the amount of advertising to classify all properties worth over 500,000 Euros as luxury. But is it true?

If you ask my opinion, price is certainly important in this segment, but it is not an indication of its level, it is only a consequence. Yes, luxury real estate is expensive; by definition, it cannot be cheap. In fact, it should use expensive materials, extraordinary ideas. It should be in exceptional locations. And not necessarily the first line of the sea.

The very notion of luxury implies individuality. Some people want to live by the sea, for some there is no better place than in the mountains. But the main thing is its exclusivity, uniqueness and incredible comfort. In reality, it is not easy to achieve!

Further, the luxury property, the parameters of aesthetics and exclusivity of which go beyond the boundaries conventionally designated to it, pass into the category of collectible property. It's a completely different world that should rule there. In my opinion, there the actual stereotypes are broken, the property generates emotions, the interiors generate a mood. They use non-standard ideas that evoke associations.

Marlene Dietrich did not just say that we do not remember many cities and places, little of what we see remains in the memory, but our memory securely stores our emotions and impressions, it remembers the moments in which we felt good.

That's what a collectible property is all about. There, in the silence of its interiors or in the shade of the garden, we should feel good, and that feeling should not be forgotten. Otherwise, it's just a 20 million Euro house and nothing more. That 20 million work for the developer, bringing him profit, but what do we give to those who live there?

What does a collection property require? This feeling of mental comfort is maintained for years to come back again and again, so that you are welcome there, the house is prepared for your arrival, it is surrounded it with care, so that nothing hurts your ears?

In addition to all of the above, it requires service. And service is people. Without this attribute, we pass a dead house with many square meters and beautiful interiors, an empty garden and empty life. The owner has to take care of everything himself.

Tell me, has anyone thought about that? I think few did. Of course, all the real estate agencies will jump on me now, accusing me of all the grave sins. After all, I'm breaking their business. Even if they agree in their heart, what can they do? They have to sell only what the market offers.

Stale bread!

And why is this so? Because conservatism rules.

Everyone knows the style of minimalism is in fashion, the “style of boxes”, as I call it. On the market it is proudly called Contemporary style. And this is a worldwide trend. So why should they change anything and invent that "fresh bread"(a new market)? After all, even stale bread is perfectly consumed. Conveyor started, it works, everyone is happy.

There are many explanations for that. I listed them in the article "How design affects property values," I advise you to read. If we reduce the explanation to a few sentences, we see that everything is slowed down by PRICE. Uniqueness requires a different cost and different intelligence, and tremendous amount of time as well. None of these components are available to developers. Therefore, there is no desire. They order relatively standard projects, look for a good expensive land, do a minimum of designer's trim and "Voi la" (French), luxury real estate, then luxury prices and profit.

I dwell a little on the collectible, because Investment Club offers such projects for investors, and it deserves special attention, there is no match, which means there is no match for a market price to talk about. The market price is formed on the basis of a comparison of the prices of similar properties. Since there is nothing to compare, there is no standards.

In this category of real estate, other concepts rule. Everything is out of the ordinary. For example, we include an artificial pond, or a small lake for the illusion of a natural pond surrounding. It buried in a thicket of trees and, at the same time, would serve as an outdoor pool.

In a property of this level, everything is taken into account. For wintertime, we want to do swimming as part of sport activity inside. We need an indoor pool in the house and a gym.

And so in everything. You can always find plenty of examples of this in our magazine "INVESTMENT CLUB". There's a collection of interiors and architecture. It’s over 25 years experience in the industry.

If you are an investor and are looking for a unique investment opportunity, after going through the formalities of signing a non-disclosure agreement and a confidential bank statement "proof of funds", we show you all the details of the projects

The only limitation is that the investor must have the minimum required amount in the account or have liquid assets. Projects of this level are truly unique, but also the most interesting.

Sale of such real estate is never, with rare exceptions, given to agencies, not to mention the fact that the status of such agency should be appropriate.

Unique real estate never stays on the market for long, it is like an auction item of the highest value for collectors. It is sold in advance through internal channels without being brought to the general market.

“Signature Style”

And now, back to the title of the article. It is too ambitious and may have already intrigued the reader. What do we mean by mentioning the most expensive house in the title?

I have a counter question. Is there a higher level of real estate than even the collectible one, which implies the exclusivity itself and the high liquidity of such an object?

This is one of our secrets for those investors who set themselves precisely such ambitious goals, which only a few are capable of achieving. It is a one-of-a-kind project to think up and work through. It takes years to be created and a lot of work for talents.

It designed for large investors. In order to get the rare rate of profit, several times more than the investment itself.

The sale price of such real estate is approaching 350,000,000 Euros.

It is really the most expensive house, but the concept of such a house is truly unique.

The main issue here is not the amount of investment, but the mentality of the investor, his internal culture and understanding of luxury as exclusivity. Of course, all information on it is completely confidential for obvious reasons.

The project is on the peak of skills and creativity of us, its implementation opens a new direction for property development. I allocate it to a special style, "Signature Style".

We made not only exceptional architecture, interior design and park with a unique landscape and unique objects of landscape architecture, fountains and mosaics, but also a special service, which is available only to the elite. In fact, it's a new eco-world, fenced off from everything and everyone. It is a world of special care, where safety is put in priority.

We assure you haven't seen anything like this yet.

You may contact us for an appointment to see the project in all details.


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