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Villa "Don Quixote". Buying collectable property in Marbella

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Best villa design in Marbella
Swimming pool area

This villa project is in a very unusual style for the seaside of Marbella. This is a magnet for those who are looking for exceptional property to buy. The prototype of the decor was chosen from the design "Don Quixote". The license agreement was signed with one of the most famous Mannerist graphical artists, Mikhail Verkholantsev, the artist with visibility at Sotheby’s. Initially the master created it for engraving, but later on we bought the design to make it as a marble mosaic. Taking into account the great details and complexity of execution, when the artisans have to adjust the mosaic tiny fragments manually, so that between the smallest ones is not even a gap, the production will take at least 6 months. Next, the artistic masterpiece is to be carefully packaged to install on a vertical wall as the main decorative panel for the pool area. But before that, it will be carefully polished. Water highlights, shimmering on the surface of the mosaic, will create a play of light and shadows, making the marble Don Quixote come into life.

The marble panel with Don Quixote would be a part of the covered enfilade surrounding the large courtyard with a cascade of fountains along the façade of the white-washed villa. Through the snow-white enfilade with slender vertical columns, we enter the area of the huge pool, lined with white marble. To the right and left, from a height of 6 meters, the waterfall slides down the snow-white marble wall, splashing with millions of crystal drops, carrying its waters directly into the outdoor pool.

Only a few are lucky enough to buy such a masterpiece of property. It’s property for collectors.

The entire composition is built on perfectly smooth snow-white columns with a square shape at the base and vertical lines of the facades of the villa itself, creating a sense of a Roman patrician home. Probably, given the modern style, their villas would have been like this. At any rate, the layout retains everything that was inherent in them: shutting oneself off from view as much as possible, enjoying the sea air in the shade of the covered galleries and trees.

In the design of this unusual villa we use many pools of water. All of them serve as decorations for our incredible performance and time travel. There is a small pond with a huge gazebo, surrounded with the same type of the colonnade, like an openwork fence, the quiet splash of water from the slowly rising fountains, a huge covered terrace with areas for kitchen, dining and living. Water is the main character here. Not for nothing, it is the famous philosophy of Feng Shui works here perfectly to set up the living space. Water absorbs all negative energy.

The snow-white luxury is drowned in greenery. The landscaping must be done with no less care of unity with nature. It is embedded in the design of this marvelous villa. And it's not only the art of blending the building into the landscape it's also a huge work inside of the interiors. They must resonate with the general image of the villa and harmoniously complement it.

The interiors of the villa are no less unique. Everything here is thought out to the smallest details. There are many secrets, with no reveal in this article to leave intrigue and motivate you having a desire to see the project with your own eyes. Our principle for interiors brings maximum comfort and atmosphere in every room or area, regardless of their purpose. Each room has its own special touch, what we call as "eye catcher" or an object for contemplation. It is very important for the eye to stop on a key object provoking a state of "Wow".

It's a slight sense of euphoria, something we strive for. If it comes, this is your place. After all, there are places of heaven on earth!

Investment Club promotes the collectible level of property. If you have to pay money for luxury, you have to pay for exclusivity. There is virtually no property of this class. And even those rare projects that appear on the market, claiming to be exclusive still far from reality. The issue here is not the number of square meters, but the creation of harmonious environment, proportions and most importantly the atmosphere. It brings emotions and motivation to own such a property.

Villa “Don Quixote” opens a series of projects for those exceptional clients and investors who eager to buy a property in Marbella at this level, taking advantage of our unique offer for this investment and get your home on the coast for incredibly low price.

Contact us and we show you how to do it. The team of like-minded professionals, who have settled into projects of this caliber are ready to share their secrets with a small group of investors.



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