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A Niche in Private property investment

Extraordinary interior design Marbella

How much do you make on property investments today? The market standard is 15-20%. If we invest based on the industry standard, we have to compete with everyone at once. Is there any niche or opportunity in this? There are absolutely no opportunities. This space has been occupied for a long time.

When we talk about business opportunities in Marbella, the highest priority is private investment in truly luxury property. This is not, however, about the properties that are on the market today. If you research the market even superficially, almost all properties fall into the luxury category. This may be true, but these are just market stereotypes that are imposed.

Where is the niche? In ultra luxury property, provided you maintain a budget commensurate with the luxury standards of the industry!

New to the market. Collectible property

One of a kind wine room interior design. Marbella luxury

The most important thing in an investment project is its costs. It is not an easy task to achieve low production costs at a very high class of property.

The second parameter is the selling price. If it is justified and does not cause contradictions in the market, the rate of return becomes very attractive for private investment.

It should be noted that in order to get such a result, when the rate of return is 100%, we must talk only about the new construction of private villas in the desired location. It is impossible to get such a profit when renovating old villas.

We are bringing this concept to the market for the first time in Europe. To do this, we have to explain the meaning of collectible property and why this concept might take its place on the market, remaining isolated in a very small niche. But this is exactly what private equity is all about.

The most beautiful items and interior design in the world

Collectible property. To summarise, our know-how boils down to:

* Unique concept with no match on the market

* Unique architecture

* Unique interior design

* Unique Landscaping

* Property as an Art Object

* Property that grows in value over the years

* Highly marketable property for sale

* Property with design ideas that go beyond the ordinary

* branded property * investment return around 100%

Bespoke interiors from top class designers

The main elements here are Design (with a capital letter) and design implementation. And both of them are not a simple matter.

Under the term Design we understand not just the design of individual items, but a complex solution, when its various parts are put together into one integral entity. It is an unusual concept, architecture with our know-how, incredibly unique interior, landscape design that goes beyond the usual, completion of such property with art objects, which in turn are part of both architecture, interior and landscape. This is what we call Design.

Best interiors for high end real esate projects

The implementation is the second part. You may think of anything, but there is a question: who is going to do it, and where to make it all. And also, how much will it all cost?

The main problem here is that developers, interior designers, architects and landscape companies are tied to the actual possibilities of the suppliers they work with. These are typically catalogue models. For this reason, it is only possible to create unique objects using bespoke products, and they are incredibly expensive. In this case, the price of the object becomes unprofitable.

Why do we have such confidence that the concept of collectible property in our mind makes sense to consider at all? It's because we know how to get it all for a budget that keeps us 100% profit!

And this is not theoretical. This is exactly what I've been doing in Asia for 20 years. This concept works perfectly well. It's just that most people don't have the ability or know how to get projects like this.

But these are exactly the kind of projects we need for private investment.

Investment Club. Marbella

Niche projects for real esates investors

If you compare us with a lot of companies and study what we do and how we do it, you can see the advantage with the open eye. We offer only those projects in which we are ready to participate ourselves, only those projects that we are able to fulfil ourselves.

We do not need to invent them, they are already prepared in all details, except for one thing: after selecting the project, we need the talent of an architect to link the project to the site. This is also done by our architect under our patronage. We don't need quantity, we need quality and continued business with our investors.

We have a massive digital library of designs for everything we might need for a project: from architecture, interiors, landscaping ideas and private parks, to the right contacts among the world's famous brands that we can co-operate with to give the project a special profile.

But that's not all, that's only a part. Projects are executed in a special way. We produce most of the items for such projects ourselves at our own production facilities. What we don't produce, we co-operate with our niche suppliers. They are not on the market, they are all manufacturers, and we can make bespoke products with them.

ART Gallery for Investment Club

Art objects for exclusive interiors in Marbella

To complete our projects, we allocate a part of museum level items in a separate collection, which we present as our own art gallery of decorative items, which have no match in the world and few people can make them today.

Luxury for affordable prices. Interiors for Marbella

Among the exhibits is a limited collection of art furniture, paintings, hand embroidered items, inlays with precious woods, hand carvings in contemporary style. Today it is available to a few. These items worthy of museums add value to the property. All of them are one of a kind.

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