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Investment Business Ideas How to find your own business in Marbella

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Is there a chance to earn?

Are there any niches in Marbella to do business and earn money? This is the question almost everyone asks who is going to move to the Costa del Sol or has the plans for future.

If you are not going to work for anybody, but want to continue your career as a private entrepreneur and, therefore, as the investor, no business is possible without investing money, this article is specifically for such people.

There’s a good expression - “Be Your Best Version” or make yourself.

find a niche to start business in Marbella

This is not an advertising slogan. It is a call to motivation. Man is so built in principle, we are all weak people with our own cockroaches in the head. It’s a subject to doubt, unexpected depression, mood swings. But enterprising people are a slightly different caste, they used to living in a state of stress every day, they used to make decisions, thinking a lot, checking and analyzing. Enterprising people are with a share of healthy adventurism, it is not possible to do business at all without it. That's why they are called entrepreneurs, they are always searching.

It's one thing to adjust in your home country, where everything is clear and where the way of life dictates business behavior, and another thing is to move to a new country, where nothing is clear and understandable, where you have to adjust all over again.

For me, this is not just a theory, it is practice. I went through those difficulties myself and may give an advice for those who are not afraid to move forward.

We all have a lot of experience, a lot of mistakes, disappointments, failures, and victories under our belt. We searched, we found, we tried to build a business the way we thought it up. This experience is invaluable and necessary. You can't make a new start without that background.

I like the statement of Robert Kiyosaki, a Japanese billionaire. I generally adore and listen to only those people who made themselves, rather than business coaches, having learned only the theory.

He talked about success as about a measure of our thinking. We get what we think. Do we want to work for someone all our life or only for ourselves?

To work for yourself, you need motivation and an idea. A brilliant idea gives a push to the strongest motivation to act. I know this myself. The moment that idea is born generates feeling close to euphoria. If this happens, the idea, whether it comes suddenly or is suggested by someone else, is the right one. You need that state.

How to get that clue when thinking about your movement to Spain? Most people follow the beaten way looking at what the others are doing and decide to do the same. What kind of business may we talk about? Whatever is written about this topic does not work, I went through all myself and no need to continue this run in a circle.

Long ago the information is gathered, analyzed, and rethought. It does not work!

This market no longer needs new gas stations, new beauty salons, construction and repair firms, new parking lots, faceless restaurants, and certainly, real estate agencies for sure. It's all there, and the competition kills the business before it starts.

Waste of money and time.

Are there no opportunities to start a business in a new place? Not at all!

You just have to find a niche, your niche, where there is no competition or even people who could think of it. Impossible? That's what I thought when came here. If this euphoric idea is not found, then you are bound to spend the rest of your days in the boredom of doing nothing, confining your leisure time to meetings with similarly lost friends and grinding out the same things endlessly, asking each other what to do.

This is a character of people who are active in life. It's hard for them to accept a new way of life.

And even if you have a business in your home country to generate income, still, if you are here, you need your own business. You can't sit idly by.

Ideas are the lot of creative people, there are people who just gush with ideas, and many people use their ideas to run a business.

Creating beautiful ideas and business concept is a talent. It is not given to everyone. You can't teach how to draw like Leonardo da Vinci if you're not a genius, but the idea of drawing, with some uniqueness in it, may lead to an extraordinary business. If you thought about opening a school for kids and teaching them drawing by hiring professional teachers, I'm not talking about that trivial approach.

Leonardo da Vinci is a niche. If you suddenly began to draw like him, you would immediately fall into this state of euphoria. But I'm not Leonardo!

Be patient and read to the end! The denouement is coming soon!

Therefore, in order to find your niche in the market, you need to find a business idea with no match. And in order to secure such a business not to be stolen, there must be tools to protect it.

It's scary to be alone and get lost in the flow of information. If you've found this article, it means that we have already found each other and you're not alone. There is already a team. The team generates a synergy effect.

For these entrepreneurs, Marbella now has a unique opportunity to visualize their ambitions in Spain. Our team is in Marbella.

The business we do on the coast is a highly intelligent business of ideas with opportunity to invest. We know how to create and find niches that no one else, and even if they do, it's not easy to be there.

So much efforts are required that overcoming such obstacles is discouraged from the start. Too much work, knowledge, experience, and opportunity must be put into the common piggy bank to do it. And so it is a tool of protection.

Creativity is our profession, it's what I, for example, have been doing all my life.

My career is luxury and out-of-the-box ideas, there is enough room for everyone, but you need the talent!

If you search in Google “Investment Club in Marbella”, you come to us. Many people are trying to copy our concept, but no one has ever been able to implement this idea. We have a hidden “know-how”. To get it, the cost might go to insurmountable heights.

We work only with the real sector, no stocks, crypto or securities. That's not our field. Only the ideas related to real estate, but totally unique.

We are not a real estate agency, we are an intellectual property club with the projects where we are willing to invest ourselves. The collection of such projects may not be huge, but it is divers.

What is unique about it? The ideas themselves, the ones not in the market, the cost of implementation, the reality of execution and the profitability, much higher than the standards in this industry.

How is all the money in the world made? There are only two ways: either money makes money, or unconventional ideas make money. We help entrepreneurs and investors at all levels to do business particularly in Marbella, either by participating with them, or simply licensing them to grant the projects. Even large investment funds attracting their clients' money for investment, need the ideas. Where should they invest, then?

There are much less ideas than investors in the world.

Here's just one of them in a nutshell to see where a niche of your business might be. How would you assess the idea of buying a property, with no match in quality, not on the market, with outstanding architecture and turnkey high end interior design?

The market value of such property ranges from 15 million Euros, subject to the best plots of the land. You may ask, what is the secret?

We get it for 2-3 million only! That's the secret. The other secrets are hidden behind our doors. If you're ready to open those doors, let's talk about that. We decide together how you participate. Do you want to get it all by yourself or are you going to share the profits with us?

Look at the team who is able to generate such ideas, and much becomes clear even before you get to know us.

We are not another investment fund, there are plenty of them in the world, they do not know where to invest themselves, we are a bank of ideas and invest only where we guarantee a non-standard profit and stay in a niche market. Many would like to try this experience. The way is open to everybody, let them try!



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