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Investment only in true luxury.

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

"THE ICE", a unique restaurant, an ultimate miracle of ice stalactites and stalagmites, evening show of music and light, gastronomic dinner from the best chefs in the world (dinner in two hands with a guest chef of Michelin stars) with elements of theatrical performance during the change of dishes. Bespoke cuisine.

A stone maze around the ice island meets the visitors. Well-trained waiters guide you to your table. The center magnet, a large fountain, shocks with the illusion of melting ice. Streams of water, rising slightly above fall down to the large shell formed gold plated pool.

The first and one-of-a-king restaurant in Marbella. Grand Opening. Winter 2022. Gala dinner, on January 20. By invitation only.

Is luxury real estate a good investment?

What could be your reaction when reading the announcement like that? I'm sure the first emotion is surprise. There has never been anything like this on the coast.

Now let's imagine it is true. Then what is your next reaction? I am sure that such a marvel of design and culinary prowess everyone wants to see at least once. You don't have to spend money on special gastronomic dinner, when they tell you a story about each new culinary masterpiece from the menu, the one they bring it out like a treasury accompanied by music to let you enjoy the art of Michelin level dishes.

These are special gala dinners with white tablecloths, candles and a dress code at the entrance.

All the day long, the restaurant works with a designer cuisine but with more democratic and friendly atmosphere to attract the most diverse audience. All the secrets of the interior and cooking are open to the guests.

Do you think such a place would be in demand by tourists? With no doubts! Good restaurants with a history always attract an army of tourists. If the designer cuisine is also based on a Spanish taste, the success of the place is assured.

With such a remarkable concept, the location, of course, plays a role, but not the main one. Visitors are eager to come. Wherever they go, the distance to almost any location here is a maximum of 30 minutes drive. Curiosity will get the upper hand anyway, and sooner or later everyone takes a look at this magnificence. I'm not talking about tourists only. They are here to relax and enjoy life. Nobody will miss a chance to spend unforgettable evening in a cozy place with no equivalent concept in the world.

I'm sure the idea caught your interest, didn't it? And now, the most important thing is the winner, the one who implements the idea first, he is to be the pioneer, just as Prince Alfonso Hohenlohe, once discovered Marbella for himself and for us driving by.

If his car is not broken down, who knows how things might have ended up for the village of fishermen.

So why not us, we open a new Marbella and disclose it again to the others, to make it as a new legendary city and a gastronomic capital of Costa del Sol. The Prince began with Marbella Club hotel. Who stops us from leaving our mark for the history and contribute the development of the city where we live?

Of course, I anticipate one question and I am ready to answer it in advance. How to implement such an idea, it must be drawn, we have to design such an incredible interior, to invent in the designer cuisine, to find a place and many other things before the advertisement appears in the market. And there’s the most important question. How much does it cost? Only the description of the idea shows that the cost might be prohibitively high. Do you think so?

Do you think we would describe this miracle so colorfully simply because we had nothing to do but having practice journalism? Not at all!

Here in Marbella we have opened Investment Club, the club for business ideas with high profitability. We don't offer other ideas to investors but only those we participate ourselves. We don't have time for anything else.

It is no more expensive to open such a restaurant than to open any other one. Then what is the secret, you ask?

There are several secrets. First, you don't have to invent anything, hire a designer and a builder, find a supplier. There is no need to do any of those. The project is completely ready for investment and is one of the projects of our Investment Club.

Everything that we draw, we do ourselves and manufacture ourselves or order with our business partners, proven over the years. We do not ask European factories to do the job, we work with unique workshops hidden from the market and known to a selected few. This brings high profitability, which means the great interest for the investor, and for entrepreneurs who are looking for business ideas.

We have a list of projects, not many, but ready to go. Investment Club also invests independently; we are investors as well but we are not a mutual fund or crowdfunding. We don't collect money; we work only with those who are our partners. Projects like this cannot be on a stream, unique ideas are not endless. They require talent, and people who have it are very rare individuals.

In this article we showed some of opportunities. There are enough business ideas in the world. It does not matter where you live. If there is freedom of private business and the desire, there are always like-minded people around.


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